Be careful! The pre-sale period of the train ticket is shortened to 30 days

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Be careful! Train ticket pre-sale period shortened to 30 days, affected by the adjustment of the railway operation map, today, after December 30th, the pre-sale period of the train tickets will be temporarily reduced to 30 days, reminding the passengers to pay special attention to. According to the Chinese railway customer service center’s latest announcement, as part of the new railway line will be opened on the operation, the railway sector will adjust the train diagram, December 30th (ticket coupon date), the Internet, mobile phone, telephone booking train ticket pre-sale period of adjustment for 30 days; the station, outlets, ticket vending machine train ticket pre-sale period adjusted for 28 days. The Railway Department reminded that after adjustment, the December 29th and the previous train tickets will still be on sale. As for when the train ticket will return to normal and the pre-sale period is uncertain, the majority of passengers can pay attention to the information of the 12306 websites or the announcement of the railway station. It is reported that the pre-sale period of the national railway ticket was 60 days. In accordance with this adjustment program, today, the Internet, mobile phones, telephone booking tickets will be sold in December 30th. With the adjustment of the pre-sale period of the train tickets, the time for the sale of the train tickets will be postponed in December 30th. The January 1, 2017 train tickets scheduled for sale on Thursday will also be postponed.

注意!火车票预售期缩短为30天   受铁路运行图调整的影响,今天起,12月30日之后的火车票预售期将临时缩短至30日,提醒广大旅客特别留意。   根据中国铁路客服中心发布的最新公告,因部分新铁路线路即将开通运营,铁路部门将调整列车运行图,12月30日(车票票面日期)之后,互联网、手机、电话订票火车票预售期调整为30天;车站、代售点、自动售票机火车票预售期调整为28天。   铁路部门提醒,调整后,12月29日及之前的火车票仍将正常发售。至于火车票何时恢复正常预售期暂不确定,广大旅客可及时留意12306网站信息或火车站公告。   据悉,此前全国铁路火车票预售期为60天。按照这一调整方案,今天,互联网、手机、电话订票将发售12月30日的车票。而随着火车票预售期的调整,12月30日火车票的发售时间将推迟。原定本周四发售的2017年1月1日的火车票也将推迟发售。相关的主题文章:

Where have all the money gone BD and comics can’t sell superrecovery

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Where have all the money gone? BD and comics can’t sell, and there is a saying in the house circle: "dead house, stupid money."". Occasionally, you can see some of the house drying out of their own collection, or burst out what people raise, people feel trench gas towering. But in fact, the most direct industry support and BD cartoon is not what sales, recently, Japan asks friends: a residence where’s the money? 1: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (Japan) in 2006 when the cartoon like bubble in 2009 when the animation like bubble, ten years sales level decline a lot. 2: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (Japan) Mobile Games……? (Penguin mother: making hand travel is not anime company) 6: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (Japan) travel. (Penguin mother: the house that likes to go out is not very much) 7: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (days) for dinner. (Penguin mother: how much would it cost to feed on instant noodles? 12: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (days) because now not only the pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of quality animation. 14: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (Japan) notebook and game? It’s not surprising that animation isn’t going to sell in today’s era. 16: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (days) the increase in the number of works too, with the film industry into a dead end. 25: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (Japan) is the key point of animation is not important, but as a tool of communication. Just like before the primary school students rely on television content exchange, so now hand travel in the alternative animation function, you can discuss European descent and African descent. 29: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (days) to buy BD with charity behavior, is to buy a comic author. Buying CD is also charity. 30: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (day) BD pricing is too expensive. 33: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (Japan) had seen a great uncle said: "in the anime broadcast website so many want to see." 38: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (days) after reading the comic stars shut the book sold a lot cheaper to buy, this almost new works. 39: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (days) than ever now easier to start with the two dimensional objects. Butter, light novels and the like didn’t cost a lot of money. 41: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (days) otaku become younger, the pupils are not what the money ah. 55: the name of, without coding, Ni San: 20161009 (Japan) hold goods

阿宅的钱都到哪里去了?BD和漫画卖不出去在宅圈流传着这么一句调侃:“死宅人傻钱多”。偶尔也能看到一些阿宅们晒出自己的收藏,或者爆出什么众筹让人觉得壕气冲天。但是,事实上最能直接支持业界的BD和漫画单行本并没有什么销量,近日,日网友发出疑问:阿宅们的钱到哪里去了呢?1:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)2006年的时候像是漫画泡沫时期,2009年的时候像是动画泡沫时期,十年间销量的水平衰落了很多。2:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)手游……?(企鹅娘:制作手游的一般不是动漫公司。)6:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)旅行。(企鹅娘:喜欢出门的阿宅并不多。)7:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)吃饭。(企鹅娘:随随便便就能用泡面养活的物种会花多少钱在食物上?)12:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)因为现在的动画只追求数量不追求质量。14:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)小本子和游戏吧?现在的时代就算是动画卖不出去也并不奇怪吧。16:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)作品数量增加得太过,跟电影业界一样进入了死胡同。25:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)关键点是动画重要的并不是内容,而是作为一种交流的工具。就像以前小学生靠电视内容交流一样,所以现在手游在替代动画的功能,大家可以讨论欧洲血统和非洲血统。29:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)买BD跟施舍的行为一样,买漫画也是对作者的施舍。买CD也是施舍。30:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)BD的定价太贵了。33:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)以前看过一个很了不起的大叔说过:“在动漫播放网站想看多少看多少。”38:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)漫画的新刊出来后读完就合上书卖掉了,能够便宜买到这种几乎全新的作品的人也很多啊。39:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)和以前比起来现在的二次元物品更容易入手了。以前的黄油,轻小说之类的不花大把钱都没办法获得。41:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)阿宅变得低龄化,小学生们都没什么钱啊。55:名無しのアニゲーさん :2016 10 09(日)抱歉,我没有想买的原作。 现在动漫业界在衰退并不是仅仅指的是作品质量,而是整个行业都在走向腐烂。虽然常常看到阿宅们在周边、声优活动、漫展等等方面一掷千金,但是动漫制作公司从这些方面能够抽成的比例很低。而且业界竞争激烈,业界人员常常爆料他们的惨淡内幕,称整个行业还没垮掉都是个奇迹。动漫制作的背后,收益的体制存在着很大的问题。谁也不知道带给我们欢乐的行业到底还能走多远…… 点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章:

A new definition of the 2016 singles released your monthly income can reach the standard exit safe mode

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A new definition of the 2016 singles released your monthly income reached the standard of the November 11th "singles day" soon, single people once again become the focus of social concern. Recently released "2016, cherished network singles status report series third" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), the average monthly disposable income reached 8000 yuan for gold singles; Guangzhou Shenzhen female mate set million salary income threshold; over six adults agree with the "spare" date; Shanghai and Hangzhou million honeymoon honeymoon budget leader nouveau riche list; Nanjing single most unwilling to live with their parents after marriage. This report focuses on the online survey of 100 million members of the cherished network, the report received a total effective sample size of 4555 copies, and the single mate marriage on economic status, concept of comprehensive analysis. Single economy: "gold singles" earning 8000+ "double 11" buy buy buy "hand chop party, single people consumption ability be nothing difficult, on a disposable income is the most directly determines the individual quality of life status. The report shows that over 50% of men and women average monthly disposable income reached 3000-5000 yuan, nearly 30% single men and women average monthly disposable income reached 5000-8000 yuan, the average monthly disposable income of 8000 yuan accounted for more than 10%. The average monthly disposable income of over 8000 yuan of single men and women called gold singles, Shanghai alone accounted for the most, followed by Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou. Found an interesting report, the average monthly disposable income of over 8000 yuan in the crowd, the proportion of single women is actually higher than single men, first-tier cities, economic independence and high consumption capacity of single women is also increasing. Requirement: Beijing women’s high monthly income to her boyfriend through the date process can be found, single men and women, income is an important factor. The report shows that with the development of material economy, the economic requirements of women in mate choice have gone up, over 80% single women think 5000 yuan is the starting point for men’s income, namely off single pass line". Among them, 67.06% single woman asks the man’s monthly income in 5000-10000 yuan, and monthly income of over million is 25.02%. The male income high in Shenzhen City, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Guangzhou ranked the top five. The male to female income is generally low, 80% of men said the other half of the income of less than 5000 yuan is also willing to accept, no special requirements. In addition to income, when the spouse and need to consider many factors. Research shows that 42.78% women believe that marriage is important in the match, but 90.17% single men is that feelings are more important into the marriage, the family is not a necessary condition. Eye: male 178cm female mate 163cm the most popular hard monomer was often considered high, too picky. But the end is not the same? The report shows that not only men are "visual animal", when the spouse that each other’s appearance condition is "very important" single ladies in 70%, their height and stature of men have higher requirements. In contrast, attaches great importance to the other appearance condition and height conditions of single male inquiry

2016“单身贵族”新定义出炉 你月收入达到标准了吗11月11日“光棍节”在即,单身人群再次成为社会关注焦点。近日,珍爱网发布的《2016年单身人群现状系列报告第三期》(以下简称“报告”)显示,月平均可支配收入达8000元为黄金单身族;广深女性择偶设万元工资收入门槛;超六成人赞同“备胎式”约会;沪、杭过万蜜月预算领跑蜜月土豪榜;南京单身婚后最不愿与父母同住。此次报告主要针对珍爱网1亿会员的线上抽样调查,报告共收到有效样本量4555份,对单身者的经济状况、择偶及婚姻观进行了全面的解析。单身经济:“黄金单身族”月入8000+“双11”买买买的“剁手党”中,单身人群的消费能力不在话下,月均可支配收入也最直接地决定个人生活品质状态。报告显示,超五成的单身男女月平均可支配收入达3000-5000元,近三成单身男女月平均可支配收入达5000-8000元,月平均可支配收入达8000元以上的占10%。月平均可支配收入超8000元的单身男女被称为黄金单身族,上海单身占比最多,其次为北京、深圳、杭州、广州。报告中有趣地发现,月平均可支配收入超8000元的人群里,单身女性的占比竟高于单身男性,一线城市中,经济独立且消费能力高的单身女性也日趋增多。择偶要求:北京女性对男友月收入要求高通过相亲过程可以发现,单身男女择偶时,收入是重要考虑因素之一。报告显示,随着物质经济发展,女性在择偶中对经济的要求也水涨船高,超八成单身女性认为5000元是男士收入的起点,即脱单“及格线”。其中,67.06%的单身女士要求男士的月收入在5000-10000元,而要求月收入超万元的也有25.02%。对男性收入要求较高的城市中深圳、北京、上海、武汉和广州位居全国前五。而男性对女性的收入要求却普遍比较低——八成的男士表示另一半收入低于5000元也乐意接受,并无特别要求。除了收入,择偶时需要考虑的因素还有很多。调研显示,42.78%女性认为婚姻中门当户对很重要,而90.17%的单身男性则认为步入婚姻时感情更重要,好的家境不是必要条件。择偶眼光:男178cm女163cm最受欢迎难以脱单的人常常会被认为要求高,太挑剔。而到底是不是这回事呢?报告中显示,并不是只有男性是“视觉动物”,择偶时认为对方的外貌条件“很重要”的单身女士近七成,她们对男士的身高和体型有较高的要求。相比之下,非常重视对方外貌条件和身高体型条件的单身男不足四成。受访的单身男女性还给出了他们最期望的身高区间,其中,178cm、180cm和175cm的男性最受女性欢迎,而男性则对身高163cm、168cm和160cm的女性更偏好。从年龄上看,有八成的单身男性倾向找比自己年轻的伴侣,其中65%的男性理想中的另一半年龄小7岁以内;而女性中,超九成表示未来另一半必须要比自己年龄大,其中85.7%的女性理想中的对象年龄差距是大7岁以内。从数据中可看出,择偶年龄差在7岁之内为最佳范围。 择偶特点:超六成人赞成“备胎式”约会在择偶过程中,大多单身男女均认为,在正式确定关系前,同时期和多人约会并无不妥。数据显示,64.23%的单身男女认为在确定关系前,可以同时期与2-3人约会,进行综合了解后再决定。随着离婚率的增加,离异的单身人群也日渐增加。在传统观念中,离异人士不好找对象,尤其是对于离异单身女来说。但此次珍爱网调研却显示,有超七成单身男女表示并不介意对方是再婚人士。作为婚姻“试金石”,婚前同居越来越被社会所接受。珍爱网调研显示,73.79%的受访单身男女表示接受婚前同居,特别是男性,超八成单身男性认为同居有必要。然而,从女性一方来讲,仅六成女性接受婚前同居,其中80后女性对婚前同居的接受程度最高,其次为70后女性,而90后女性接受婚前试爱的人不足五成,更希望能有自己的独立空间,不愿过早束缚于家庭生活。家庭关系:南京单身婚后最不愿与父母同住调研显示,尽管大部分的单身男女都不介意与父母同住,但不可否认的是,仍有超四成的单身男女期望在婚后与父母各为其政。其中,“完全不能接受与父母同住”这一观点的人群中,南京单身男女的比例最高,达63.63%,紧随其后的是济南和深圳,显示出了对婚后独立生活的态度。调研显示,81.06%的单身男女希望在婚后生育1-2个子女,但尽管国家已经开放二胎,倾向于生育一个孩子的单身男女仍要比生育两个孩子的单身男女多。此外,女孩似乎变得更加受欢迎,超6成的单身男女心里更希望生女孩。(每日经济新闻) 免费咨询相关的主题文章:

Evil men and marriage in violation of its estranged wife tied to the chair of rape (video)

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Evil men and marriage in violation of its estranged wife tied rape rented room in a crooked chair in the chair, tape, rope bag wrapped, cut clothes, axue (a pseudonym) this is the victim of rape scene. Rape her, is her husband Hong Mou (male, 35 years old). A flood to divorce on the grounds, she cheated to Haikou Xiuying District Civil Affairs Bureau, forced her to rent the room, tied to a chair, to rape. Recently, Haikou Qiongshan district court to rape and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in a flood. Axue and hung a marriage registration in 2013. Mr. Hong initially axue is ugly in appearance, but considerate, plus unmarried, two people have received a marriage certificate, and the birth of a boy. After marriage, because of a flood of frequent violence to axue raffish, more and more frightened, two people often quarrel. Hung a divorce, but then go back, and the threat of axue not divorce, "you mention divorce, we will die together". The husband phone threat, let 2015 3 left the sea in Sanya working axue more afraid to come back, she can only continue to call Hong a divorce, but the return is a threat. In December 2015, a sudden change in the attitude of hong. The phone, he no longer threaten axue, even call axue back with him a divorce, said don’t want it down. Axue very happy, that was finally able to get rid of this nightmare of marriage. In December 28, 2015, axue at the gate of Haikou City Xiuying District Civil Affairs Bureau hung a waiting for her husband to divorce. However, Mr. Hong met her, but will be forced to take the axue rental in Haikou Qiongshan District residence, axue tape tied to a chair, and axue clothes cut light with scissors, forced sexual relations with axue. A flood hit the sack, axue slowly untied the bundle her tape, grabbed a set of old clothes, ran out to find the phone alarm. Axue after receiving alarm, due to flood a suspected rape, the police decided to arrest the implementation of a flood. However, according to axue description, there is a gas tank, and a flood of theft, drug abuse and other illegal and criminal record, is a dangerous person arrested. The same day, the police rushed to the residence of a flood carry loaded guns, and arrested him. At that time, Mr. Hong still in his sleep. Haikou Qiongshan district court believes that marriage is only the premise of obtaining the legitimacy of sexual behavior, sexual consent is the real basis of sexual behavior is legitimate, between husband and wife only made sex agreement, to make sexual intercourse is legitimate. Hung with the victim is husband and wife, but because the two sides contradiction of divorce, especially victims of domestic violence had been repeatedly left after the defendant hung a long and hung a life apart, and repeatedly asked for a divorce, affection between husband and wife. A flood to agree to a divorce on the grounds, lured the victim and after the meeting, forced the victim to his residence, the victim was tied with tape, and forced to have sex with the victim, their behavior completely contrary to the will of the victim, has constituted the crime of rape should be punished according to law. King Shan court to rape and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in a flood. For further reading, not related with the newly married wife was a friend of the 3 invasion of the night, husband witnessed the whole process but not sound

恶男婚内侵犯分居妻子 将其绑在椅上强奸出租房内歪歪扭扭的藤椅,藤椅上缠着的胶带、绳索,剪破的衣服,这是受害人阿雪(化名)被强奸的现场。强奸她的,是她的丈夫洪某(男,现年35岁)。洪某以办理离婚手续为由,将她骗到海口秀英区民政局后,强行将她带到出租房内,捆绑在椅子上,将其强奸。近日,海口琼山区法院以强奸罪判处洪某有期徒刑3年。阿雪与洪某在2013年登记结婚。洪某其貌不扬,但最初对阿雪还算体贴,再加上未婚先孕,两人便领取了结婚证,并生育一个男孩。婚后,因为洪某不务正业,频繁的家暴让阿雪越来越害怕,两人经常发生争吵。洪某提出离婚,但随后又反悔,并威胁阿雪不准离婚,“你再提离婚,大家就一起死”。丈夫电话里的威胁,让2015年3月就离开海口在三亚打工的阿雪更加不敢回来,她只能不断打电话给洪某提离婚,但换来的都是威胁。2015年12月,洪某态度突然变了。电话里,他不再威胁阿雪,甚至打电话让阿雪回来跟他办理离婚手续,称不想再这样耗下去。阿雪很高兴,以为终于能摆脱这段噩梦般的婚姻。2015年12月28日,阿雪在海口市秀英区民政局门口等待丈夫洪某过来办理离婚手续。但是,洪某与她见面后,却强行将阿雪带到其租住在海口琼山区的住处,用胶带把阿雪捆绑在椅子上,并用剪刀将阿雪的衣服剪光后,强行与阿雪发生性关系。洪某倒头睡觉后,阿雪慢慢地解开了捆绑她的胶带,抓起一套旧衣物,跑出去找电话报警。接到阿雪的报警后,因洪某涉嫌婚内强奸,警方决定对洪某实施抓捕。但是,据阿雪的描述,现场有煤气罐、且洪某有盗窃、吸毒等多项违法犯罪纪录,是个危险的抓捕人物。当天,民警荷枪实弹,冲进洪某的住处将其抓获。当时,洪某仍在睡梦中。海口琼山区法院审理认为,婚姻关系仅仅是性行为取得合法性的前提条件,性交合意才是性行为具有合法性的真正基础,夫妻之间只有取得了性交的合意,才能使得性交行为具有合法性。洪某与被害人虽为夫妻,但双方因矛盾均提出离婚,特别是被害人遭到多次家庭暴力后离开被告人洪某,长期与洪某分居生活,并多次提出离婚,夫妻之间感情已经破裂。洪某以同意离婚为由,诱骗被害人与其见面后,强行将被害人带至其住处,用胶带对被害人进行捆绑,并强行与被害人发生性关系,其行为完全违背被害人意志,已构成强奸罪,应依法惩处。琼山法院以强奸罪判处洪某有期徒刑3年。视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 新婚妻子一夜遭朋友侵犯3次,老公目睹全过程却不敢吭声相关的主题文章:

During the National Day holiday, 82 pieces of lost and found were found in the taxi lost and f soojin

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The National Day holiday city taxi lost service center received 82 items   luggage up — Chongqing window — National Day holiday, city taxi lost and found center received 82 pieces of lost property. Traffic law enforcement directly under the detachment for the National Day holiday, you play comfortable? Don’t forget to carry your belongings while you’re traveling. 8, the Chongqing traffic enforcement detachment directly announced that the 7 day of National Day holiday, city taxi lost service center received a total of 82 pieces of lost property, lost property return 59 pieces of luggage, which is most easy to be forgotten in the passenger car. According to reports, during the National Day holiday, the Chongqing traffic enforcement detachment directly dispatched 1079 executive personnel, law enforcement vehicles 441 vehicles (boats), has dealt with all kinds of law enforcement cases 554, which investigated cases of illegal line bus 14, taxi scene case 227, seized the illegal operation of vehicles 21, effective protection of the city safe and orderly traffic order. Taxi lost and found, the National Day holiday 7 days, the main city taxi lost and found center received a total of 82 pieces of lost property, return lost 59 pieces. In the lost items received by the center, luggage and luggage are the most, accounting for 40% of the total lost property, followed by mobile phones, accounting for 21% of the total lost property. Traffic law enforcement team to remind the public, such as lost something in the taxi, the public may be concerned about the Chongqing taxi service, WeChat Sina micro-blog "Chongqing traffic enforcement detachment directly query information on missing items, or call the lost and found center call (023) 89077707 query. (reporter Liu Yan) (commissioning editor: Qin Jie, Zhang?) 国庆长假主城区出租车失物招领中心收82件失物 行李箱包最多–重庆视窗–人民网 国庆长假,主城区出租车失物招领中心收到82件失物。交通执法直属支队供图   国庆长假,你耍安逸了没?游玩同时,可别忘了随身携带的物品。8日,重庆交通执法直属支队发布消息,国庆长假7天,主城区出租汽车失物招领中心共收到失物82件,返还失物59件,其中行李箱包最易被乘客遗忘在车上。   据介绍,国庆长假期间,重庆交通执法直属支队共出动执法人员1079人次,执法车船441辆(艘)次,共查处各类执法案件554件,其中查办班线客车违法案件14件,出租车现场案件227件,查扣非法营运车21辆,有效保障了主城区交通运输秩序平安有序。   出租汽车失物招领方面,国庆长假7天,主城区出租汽车失物招领中心共收到失物82件,返还失物59件。在中心收到的失物中,行李箱包最多,占失物总量的40%,其次是手机,占失物总量的21%。   交通执法队员提醒市民,如在出租车上丢东西,可关注公众微信“重庆的士服务”、新浪微博“重庆交通执法直属支队”查询遗失物品信息,或拨打失物招领中心电话(023)89077707进行查询。(记者 刘艳) (责编:秦洁、张?)相关的主题文章:

Unable to warm homes for the elderly to make the society chilling

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No heating homes for the elderly to let the society feel the original title: not heating the nursing home for the society for improving the chilling – editorial home endowment ability and fully solve the funding gap problem, for the special group of the elderly, but also requires the use of welfare funds for the purchase of social groups or social services, opening up more charitable organizations to enter this field. According to reports, a nursing home in Shandong, Tancheng Province, obviously air conditioning is not open. A man living in the house, the door broke a hole, little piece of glass, the window on the elderly reflect, even at night more than a few layers of quilt, still be shivering. The elderly here is not without heating equipment, the local government began in 2010, invested 750 thousand yuan installed 430 air conditioning, covering the county’s nursing home. These facilities are not absolutely idle, the head of the nursing home of Tancheng peak said: "below 5 degrees Celsius open below."." In addition, there are cases when you open. In order to avoid the old people turn on the air conditioner by themselves, the remote controller is unified. As a result, although the air-conditioning has not been permanently idle, but the majority of the elderly can only rely on shaking heating. Compared with the provisions of Shandong province heating regulations, the indoor temperature is not less than eighteen degrees Celsius during heating. There is a world of difference in temperature and distance regulations in this home for the aged. Rural homes for the elderly usually only for the rural five guarantees the number of homes for the elderly population, each no more. Probably because the nursing home scale is too small, so there is no planned centralized heating equipment when building. Today, relying on air conditioning to solve the problem of decentralized heating, saving the heating equipment costs, but also to spend high electricity bills. This cost just challenges the payment ability of Township homes for the aged. The Township home for the aged is a special mode of providing for the aged, the channels of providing funds are narrow, and the funds guarantee mechanism is not perfect, which mainly depends on the higher level funding and village level self raising. With the increase in the number of elderly people, rising prices, highly dependent on government funding for the elderly homes, under the flexible funding mechanism, the funds are often stretched, unable to pay for heating electricity is only the tip of the iceberg of the plight of the pension model. Behind this dilemma, the first is the pension dilemma for the elderly of the five guarantees in the rural areas, and the unattended elderly let go, regardless of their old age inhuman, and the grass-roots government can not maintain their decent survival. Behind the pension problem of the home for the aged, it is a special population pension problem that can not be solved by the market mechanism, and the pension mechanism highly dependent on the welfare system needs to be broken through. Today, the rapid growth of the urban pension industry is mostly for the ability to pay for healthy old people or semi healthy elderly. When the special disabled people in the city are not taken care of and lack of economic ability, they are also faced with the problem that the welfare system can not afford. If the welfare mechanism for the special population has not been straightened out, there will be more and more heating equipment without heating. In 30 years, China has reached an aging society facing 300 years in Europe. In the face of the huge gap of pension, it is even more difficult for the special population to provide for the aged. The reform direction of the traditional nursing home in the transformation of public welfare institutions can better guarantee the treatment of the staff in the nursing home for 4

无法取暖的敬老院让社会心寒   原标题:无法取暖的敬老院让社会心寒   ■ 社论   对于提高敬老院的养老能力以及全面解决经费缺口问题,对于特殊老人的群体,更需要使用福利资金采购社会团体的服务,或者开放更多的社会慈善团体进入这一领域之中。   据报道,山东省郯城县某养老院里,明明有空调却不开。一间老人居住的小屋,屋门破了个洞,窗户上少块玻璃,老人反映,就算是晚上多盖几层被子,也仍然被冻得瑟瑟发抖。   这里的老人并非没有取暖设备,当地政府从2010年开始,投入75万元安装了430台空调,覆盖了全县的敬老院。这些设备也并非绝对闲置,郯城县高峰头敬老院负责人表示:“零下5℃以下再开。”另外,有病号的时候也要开启。为了避免老人自己开启空调,遥控器被统一收走。   这样一来,空调虽然没有永久闲置,但老人多数时间只能靠抖取暖。对照《山东省供热条例》规定,供热期间室内温度不低于十八摄氏度。此敬老院的温度距离条例存在天壤之别。   乡镇敬老院一般只针对农村五保户人群,每处敬老院里老人数量不多。可能因为敬老院规模太小,所以建设的时候没有规划集中采暖设备。如今依靠空调解决分散取暖的问题,节省了供暖设备的费用,又要支出高昂的电费。   这个费用,恰恰又挑战了乡镇敬老院的支付能力。乡镇敬老院是种特殊养老模式,供养资金来源渠道狭窄,经费保障机制不健全,主要依靠上级拨款和村级自筹来解决。随着老人数量的增加,物价的升高,高度依赖政府拨款的敬老院,在并不弹性的拨款机制下经费常常捉襟见肘,无法支付取暖电费只是这个养老模式困境下的冰山一角。   在这个困境背后,首先是农村五保户老人的养老两难困境,无人照料的老人放手不管晚年不人道,而基层政府又无法维持他们体面地生存。敬老院养老问题的背后,更是市场机制无法解决的特殊人群养老问题,高度依赖福利制度的养老机制函待突破。   如今,城市里面飞速发展的养老产业大部分是面向有支付能力的健康老人或半健康的老人。城市中特殊残障人群,无人照应又缺乏经济能力的情况下,同样要面临福利制度无力承担的问题。如果针对特殊人群的福利机制还没有理顺,有取暖设备而无法取暖的现象将越来越多。   我国用30年的时间达到了欧洲300年的时间面对的老龄化社会问题,在养老巨大的缺口面前,特殊人群的养老更是难上加难。传统敬老院转型公益性事业单位的改革方向,可以更好地保障敬老院工作人员的待遇收入问题。而对于提高敬老院的养老能力以及全面解决经费缺口问题,对于特殊老人的群体,除了各地政府大包大揽以外,更需要使用福利资金采购社会团体的服务,或者开放更多的社会慈善团体进入这一领域之中。   在养老问题步步逼近之际,这些特殊困境老人的养老,将成为社会养老中的最短板,和衡量文明发展的底线。不能再让无法取暖的敬老院出现,让社会心寒。 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章:

Shenzhen city management take lawyers to law enforcement (people eyes, rule of law) – Guizhou

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Shenzhen city   take counsel to the law enforcement (people’s eye · the rule of law) – Guizhou Channel – original title: Shenzhen urban management law enforcement to take counsel (people’s eye · the rule of law) Shenzhen urban management law enforcement team in dealing with Jeeves vendors, prominently holding "law enforcement, please sign support". People’s visual city management "gentle knife", let stone store owner Li Tao engraved on his heart. "The law enforcement, they are not angry, not noisy, just a photo shoot.". This suddenly "gentle" up, it is really not suited to people, hands and feet do not know how to put it." Li Tao’s store is located in Shenzhen City, the people Longhua District Road No. 530, in his previous impression, between officers and traders like a cat and mouse game: you come, I will go; you go, I couldn’t do it again; on the other, that is "Diamond cuts diamond". Vicious incident chased brawl traders, hawkers chased wounded stabbed "story", Li Tao also heard no less. A few days later, Li Tao received a written decision of administrative punishment by the law enforcement team issued: street stores, beyond the window wall Hawking is illegal, according to the Illegal Hawking area shall be fined 27 thousand yuan. "Such a ticket around a lot of vendors have received, I was thinking of ignoring him, he can not put me in the wrong, and finally not nothing" This ticket issued in September 2015, Li Tao as a drag for half a year. Contrary to Li Tao’s expectation, although the city management seems to be "gentle" a lot, but the punishment is perseverance. In succession to exhortation, one inscribed "Guangdong Chun Feng lawyer the lawyer’s letter that he’d wave for a while. The people’s law enforcement team was not idle. After exhausting all administrative means and preparing the complete evidence of all links, they applied for compulsory enforcement to the Yantian District Court in Shenzhen. In July this year, the court ruled that the enforcement, this is the first case of Longhua city district administration department to apply for court enforcement. Due to Li Tao’s non executable deposit, he was listed on the waiting list, which will affect his personal integrity record, and the loan will be limited in the future. Either Li Tao, a street with other vendors are startled, for the traders did not dare to drag, have taken the initiative to find the ticket holding enforcement team door. For many years the city ills Jeeves management has been significantly curbed, a street in old city. This makes all the members of the civil law enforcement team relieved, but also can not help the service team of Feng Feng law firm young lawyer Wang Yi sit up and take notice. Wang Yi is only one of the 100 lawyers who are on the team of Shenzhen urban management law enforcement team. In July 2014, Shenzhen began to pilot "lawyers stationed, team law enforcement", second years in September to implement. More than a year, the city’s 66 branch of the law enforcement team has 57 lawyers in the team, coverage rate reached 86%. At the same time, since 2009, the field of urban management has been on the rise of violent anti law events, from 2014 to 2015 brake twist, U-turn down. In this reform the earliest start of Nanshan District Shahe street city management law enforcement team, the first year of trial lawyers stationed in the case, the implementation rate of 97 深圳城管 带上律师去执法(人民眼·法治方式)–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:深圳城管 带上律师去执法(人民眼·法治方式) 深圳城管执法队员在处理占道经营的商贩时,醒目地举着“城管执法,请予以支持”的告示牌。人民视觉 城管的“温柔一刀”,让石材店店主李涛刻骨铭心。 “那次来执法,他们不恼不吵,只是一个劲儿拍照。这突然‘温柔’起来,还真让人不适应,手脚都不知道怎么放才好。”李涛的店铺位于深圳市龙华新区民治大道530号,在他以往的印象中,城管和商贩之间像是“猫鼠游戏”:你来了,我就跑;你走了,我再来;实在不行怼上了,那就是“针尖对麦芒”。城管群殴商贩、小贩打伤刺死城管“上头条”的恶性事件,李涛也没少耳闻。 没几天,李涛就收到民治街道城管执法队开具的行政处罚决定书:超出门店、窗外墙摆卖属违法经营,按照其违法摆卖面积处以2.7万元罚款。 “这样的罚单周围不少商贩都收到过,我当时想的是不理他,他也不能把我咋样,最后还不是不了了之?”这张2015年9月开出的罚单,李涛就这么一拖大半年。 出乎李涛意料的是,城管这次尽管看上去“温柔”了许多,但追罚却是锲而不舍。在接连而至的催告中,一份落款“广东淳锋律师事务所”的律师函令他惴惴不安好一阵子。 民治执法队并没有闲着。在用尽一切行政手段并备齐了各环节的完整证据材料后,他们向深圳市盐田区法院申请了强制执行。今年7月,法院裁定强制执行,这是龙华新区首例由城管部门申请法院强制执行的案件。 由于李涛名下无可执行的存款,他被列入待执行名单,这会影响他的个人诚信记录,今后贷款受限。李涛后悔不迭,同条街的其他商贩也无不为之一震,受罚的商贩们不敢再拖,都主动捏着罚单找上了执法队的门。 多年占道经营的市容顽疾得到明显遏制,一条街道旧貌换新颜。这让民治执法队所有队员松了一口气,也不禁对驻队服务的淳锋律师事务所年轻律师王毅刮目相看。 王毅只是在深圳城管执法队伍驻队的100名律师之一。2014年7月,深圳市开始试点“律师驻队、随队执法”,第二年9月全面推行。一年多时间,全市66支执法队已有57支聘请律师驻队,覆盖率达86%。与此同时,2009年以来城市管理领域内一直处于上升趋势的暴力抗法事件,在2014年至2015年刹车扭转、掉头向下。 在此项改革最早发端的南山区沙河街道城管执法队,试点律师驻队的第一年,案件执行率就达97%,比2013年提高了54%,第二年又进一步提升到99%;律师驻队两年多来,暴力抗法事件仅2宗,而2013年达38宗。就整个南山区而言,2015年之前,每年都在300宗以上,几乎每天一宗,而2015年没超过10宗。 “律师驻队、随队执法”,并非只是看上去很美。 (责编:涂敏、陈康清) 原标题:深圳城管 带上律师去执法(人民眼·法治方式) “85后”女律师驻进了城管队 “过去做城管,吵架、打架是家常便饭。”城管出身的唐恩明对记者坦言,“过去我一直以为,城管也只能是这么个干法,直到2007年至2012年转岗去了南头街道司法所当所长才换脑。” 唐恩明现任深圳市南山区沙河街道党工委委员、执法队队长,这个40来岁的中年汉子,点燃了“律师驻队、随队执法”改革的第一把火;他所蜗居的那间办公室,成了试点的“策源地”。 在司法所的5年,唐恩明与律师打交道最多的案件是劳资纠纷。“工人和企业发生纠纷,闹到我们那里,再把人社部门请过来协调。他们神了,声也不用高,嘴也不用吵,更不用动手动脚。把案子事实了解清楚了,当场摆出法律依据,一条条跟企业说,违反了哪条,要怎样处罚;再跟工人说,你们提的哪条合法,哪条不合法。说得两边都心服口服,没脾气了。好,现场开单,双方认账。” 这段经历,给了唐恩明很大触动。2013年7月,重回城管队伍的唐恩明,脑子里始终萦绕这样一个念头:怎样让城管执法跟人社部门一样,有尊严、有威信。 “不能简单粗暴,更应强调文明劝退、就地取证、按法律程序开单处罚。”深圳市城管行政执法监察支队副支队长张建军说。彼时,在舆论压力面前,城管希望告别那种被妖魔化了的野蛮形象,走法治化道路。 在唐恩明看来,归根到底还是要靠“法”来解决,“谁懂法,会用法?莫过于律师。”他眼前一亮,脑子一转,想到了在司法所处理一起交通事故纠纷时相识的律师——广东国晖律师事务所合伙人谢挺。 2014年6月,唐恩明、谢挺、南山区城管局执法监察大队副大队长江豪、蛇口消息报记者雷玲,几个人一起窝在唐恩明的办公室里,开始谋划一场后来被命名为“律师驻队、随队执法”的实验。 “城管给人感觉是武的,律师是文的,一文一武能不能相容,一开始也拿不准,所以大家说先搞半年,试试看。” 谢挺说。双方草签协议,南山区城管局和沙河街道办共同出资9万元,聘请国晖事务所派驻律师。一个月之内,谢挺手下的“85后”女律师王跃琼就到执法队报到了。 王跃琼的到来,在几乎清一色男性的城管队里激起涟漪。 “城管面对的情况那么复杂,执法环境有危险,我们这些经验丰富的‘老江湖’有时还架不住,她个20来岁的姑娘,能派上用场?”队员们面面相觑,满脸狐疑。甚至有人跟她说:“你就每天坐坐班好了,该干自己的事干自己的事,执法这一块,你帮不上忙。” 王跃琼有备而来。上岗之前,她就花了大半个月时间,摸清城管的职责和相关法律法规。执法队员们不太配合,她就自己整理案卷,面对很多石沉大海的处罚单,跟谢挺和唐恩明商量后,一个月后就发出第一批26份律师函。 “没过几天,我们就觉察到了不一样。除了一家‘老顽固’,其余25家被处罚对象,接到律师函后都不请自来了,有的还通过熟人渠道向我们打听:‘这次动真格的了?罚款能不能打个折?’”副大队长郭超说。以前100张罚单,能够主动到队接受处罚的只有40单出头。 “这些‘老油条’连我们都不怕,却怕你,律师函里到底跟他们说了什么?”被队员们围着问,王跃琼淡淡地说:“其实也没什么,无非就是一堆法言法语,讲清楚利害关系。他们不是怕我,是怕法律。做生意要挣钱,他们也不愿惹上官司,骨子里还是有畏讼的心理。” 初战告捷,唐恩明和谢挺等人趁热打铁,在实践中完善“律师驻队、随队执法”各项工作流程和运行机制。明确驻队律师以购买服务的方式为执法队提供法律服务,律师职责包括提供法律咨询、开展法制教育、严格执法审查、开函催告履行、介入现场处置、申请强制执行、代理复议应诉等十大项,并设计了一系列法律规范文书和考核管理章程。 (责编:涂敏、陈康清) 原标题:深圳城管 带上律师去执法(人民眼·法治方式) “律师驻队,首先约束的是城管队员自己” 在钟炎松记忆里,城管和商贩之间的对抗冲突几乎每天都在白石街上演。 700多米长的白石街从南到北穿过白石洲村,宽度仅能并行两辆小车,无论白天晚上,这里都是白石洲最热闹的地方。热闹归热闹,整个街面看上去井然有序,路面清洁平整,行人畅行无阻;道路两旁的各种店铺整齐排列,铺面洁净,门前清爽。 “别看这里现在还不错,要搁在两年前,别说走车了,人过一下,都得半个钟。”在街边开了间百货店的钟炎松所言并不夸张,当时,店铺门前的台阶、台阶下面的马路,都曾是商贩们竞相争夺的经营场地。“哪儿都是摊儿,乱七八糟,把街道围得水泄不通。我进一次货都得三四个小时,因为车进不来,要自己花钱雇十多个保安来清路。打电话让城管来执法,城管刚管到街中间,街头那边刚刚才被赶回去的摊又摆了出来。” 沙河街道是深圳城乡二元结构特征极为突出的街区,24平方公里的辖区内,既有华侨城纯水岸、波托菲诺等高档小区,也有世界之窗、欢乐谷等知名旅游景点,“名声”在外的城中村白石洲就位于该片区。 白石洲村多年来以“脏乱差”出名,是让城管执法队十分头疼的地方。按照法律规定,对违法行为人,执法队可以开具行政处罚决定书,但对有的违法商贩来说,这种罚单就像一张废纸。既然处罚不顶用,面对职责压力,执法队员更倾向于使用简单粗暴的执法方式,现场暂扣或没收违法经营物品工具成了主要手段,暴力执法和暴力抗法的现象随之增多。 起初,对于执法队里出现的新面孔——律师王跃琼,白石洲村的商贩们并没在意。让他们略感奇怪的是,此后即使出现超线经营等违法行为,执法队员也不再像以前那样“打打杀杀”,更多时候只是在现场拍拍照、录完像就走了。“今年以来特别明显,打架、吵闹堵路一次都没看到了。” 现场冲突没了,但违法经营的商贩同样会很快收到来自执法队的行政处罚通知单。如果照以前不予理睬的话,商贩们很快就感受到另一种压力——一份盖有律所公章、签有律师名字的催告函。催告函中,详细告知了商贩违反了哪条法律、处罚依据是什么、拒不执行将面临何种法律后果。 “律师驻队,首先约束的是城管队员自己。”南山区沙河街道党工委书记、办事处主任陈书爱认为,实施“律师驻队”,其实是引入第三方专业力量协助城管执法,不只是带来城管执法力量的“物理变化”,更催化了执法方式、执法人员素养等方面的“化学反应”。 “别以为律师只是帮你们‘治’违法商贩的,城管自己要先被‘治’!”在给执法队普法的培训班上,面对一些态度举止轻慢的执法队员,谢挺撂过狠话,拍过桌子。驻队律师到位后,他们首先强化城管队员的法治观念和程序意识,对沙河执法队全体执法队员和协管员集中培训了8次。 不仅要驻队,驻队律师每周还要至少随队执法一次。“其中非常重要的一项任务,就是填写随队执法登记表。”王跃琼拿出一份表格,上面记载了她随队执法时所发现的执法队员的不规范行为——“执法过程中没有表明身份”“劝导过程中语气强硬”“现场开单出现将当事人姓名写错”等,以供队员执法回来后对照整改。 在由律师事务所出具给执法队的律师意见书中,驻队律师对执法现场如何拍照、哪里该拍特写、录像里要有几名执法队员、该如何制作勘察笔录等诸多执法细节,都给予详细指导。 在律师建议下,城管队员改变了传统的执法方式,强调慎用对抗性手段,尽量少扣押物品,改为以固定现场证据为主。这使得发生在执法现场的直接冲突和对抗大为减少。“实践证明,执法中因物品争夺、言语争吵引发的冲突占八成以上。”在沙河执法队队员吴哲看来,在城管和违法商贩之间,律师仿佛成了一剂润滑剂,让矛盾变得缓和,将冲突化解于萌芽。 这种看似“自我束缚”的做法,在一定程度上增加了后来“律师驻队、随队执法”改革在全市城管队伍中推广的难度,遭遇了一些波折和明里暗里的抵制:个别执法队有抵触情绪,觉得被外人看着会束手束脚,被人指手画脚很不自在;还有人认为城管这一行,不可避免要打点擦边球,否则工作没法干;律师只是照本宣科,不了解城管一线的复杂实际,等于让“外行指导内行”,帮不了忙还会添乱。 历经反复争论、碰撞、探讨、研究,2015年9月,深圳市城管局与市司法局联合发文,在全市城管执法部门推广“律师驻队、随队执法”。“以期借助律师的力量来帮助我们实现‘法治城管’的转型升级。”深圳市城市管理局副局长綦文生坚信法治的力量。 (责编:涂敏、陈康清) 原标题:深圳城管 带上律师去执法(人民眼·法治方式) “没那么凶了,但‘治’起人来,可比以前管用” 2015年8月,南山区桃源街道执法队在塘朗村开展超出门店经营专项整治。林某经营一家生活超市,超门店经营面积达75平方米,按照《深圳经济特区市容和环境卫生管理条例》“超出面积每平方米处五百元罚款”的规定,林某将面临3.75万元罚款。 开这么大的罚单,一开始连执法队员自己都犯怵:是不是太狠了?执行得下去吗?他们拿捏不准,顾虑重重。 “开!”谢挺给执法队打气,“只要取证到位,程序完善合法,细节上不留瑕疵,法律规定怎么罚就怎么罚,就算走到强制执行这一步,咱也有底气,否则法律权威何在?” 果不其然,罚单开出后,林某不以为然,不提供身份证件,也不配合在笔录上签名,缴款更是连影儿都没有。在谢挺的指导下,执法人员到社区工作站和市场监督管理局调取当事人的身份信息,按照移送法院强制执行的标准来制作案卷,对取证照片、现场勘验、文书送达等程序严格把关,做好了把这场硬仗打到底的心理准备。 连番的催告让林某认识到了问题的严重性,于是来了个缓兵之计,承诺半年内缴清罚款。可最后期限将至,仍不见动静。谢挺果断再发律师函,告知他若不主动缴纳罚款,执法队将移送法院强制执行;超期还要加处每天3%的滞纳金。林某在咨询专业人士后,无奈放弃抵抗,缴纳了罚款。 这一仗,让那些对推广“律师驻队、随队执法”改革仍持怀疑和抵触态度的人,逐渐转变了看法;加之市一级明确购买律师服务的钱由区财政支付,使得律师驻队工作在全市城管执法队伍的开展走上了快车道。 “别看他们现在没那么凶了,但‘治’起人来,可比以前管用。”白石街的商户陈木城深有感触。2014年5月和7月,他的两家蔬菜店分别因为超门店经营被罚款2500元和1500元。对此,陈木城也是一个“拖”字,通知单、律师函一概不理,处罚决定也直接拒签。“按过去和周边人的经验,这种事情是老实人倒霉,赖一赖、拖一拖也就过去了,反正他们拿我没办法。” 没想到这一次执法队动了真格。2015年2月10日,法院裁定准予强制执行,陈木城随即发现自己的银行账户被冻结。无奈之下,只得乖乖去缴罚款,加上滞纳金,4000元罚款变成了8000元,令他懊悔不已。如今,后进变先进,陈木城时常现身说法,帮执法队员劝导其他商户小贩守法经营,“路顺畅了,大家的生意也好做了。” 事情旋即在周围的商贩中传开了。“连厉害的刺儿头都不敢扎刺了,咱们怎么办?”“还能怎么办?摆到外面来的,都搬进去,别等人家来了,自己整改吧。”就这样,没有冲突,没有对抗,一度“脏乱差”的白石街变身为城中村的模范街。 沙河执法队的经验是,对最顽固的“老赖”,“后手一定要硬”,那就是申请法院强制执行。到目前为止,该执法队共对16宗逾期不履行法律义务的案件向法院申请了强制执行,均已裁定强制执行,5宗已执行完毕,11宗正在执行中。 而90%以上的商贩,接到律师函后一般就会主动缴纳罚款。“过去之所以执行率低,那么多积案处罚不了,一追到底的意识比较薄弱固然是一方面原因,但更致命的是我们对自己的工作缺乏信心,因为法律文书做得不完善,程序做得不到位,细节上不周密完备,到了法院那里就容易吃瘪。”綦文生说,申请强制执行常常因程序上的瑕疵被打回。 “久而久之,一线执法队员产生了一个错觉,认为法律没用,严格依程序执法行不通。实际上,不是法律没用,而是我们不会用,是律师帮我们用对了法、用好了法。”深圳市城管行政执法监察支队支队长冯增军深有同感。 一些给力的法律武器,也被驻队律师从浩瀚的法律法规中发掘出来。尤其是对拒不履行处罚的违法商贩,通过法定程序,将其行为记入个人信用记录。一家垃圾车发生滴漏的环卫公司,就因为不良信用记录的污点,去别的城市参加招投标受阻。对一些社会危害性大、影响恶劣的违法案件,驻队律师积极寻找刑法上的适用,并协调公安等部门在执法上合作,产生了更大的威慑力。 (责编:涂敏、陈康清) 原标题:深圳城管 带上律师去执法(人民眼·法治方式) 从“不打不相识”到“口服心也服” 王跃琼在城管执法队上岗的当月,一名执法队员与白石街商贩刘毅发生冲突,在强制扣留的过程中,刘毅与队员有肢体接触,说城管打了他。 随队执法的王跃琼表明身份后,刘毅显得有点吃惊。王跃琼调出现场录像,发现队员只是扣押商品,没有打人。她当场告诉刘毅,他的行为为何违法,以及需要承担哪些法律后果。第一次接触律师的刘毅给自己打圆场:“既然律师都来了,那我就不说什么了……” 两年的驻队工作,让王跃琼在白石洲已经赫赫有名,在开函催告履行、介入现场处置、罚后答疑说明并进行法制教育的过程中,她与不少商家“不打不相识”,成为当地公认与信服的法律专家。 “我们刚刚到二楼中队接受处罚,结果他们让我们先上三楼到你这来,是什么意思?”在沙河执法队驻队律师办公室采访时,记者碰到两位面色凝重的男士,一前一后进了门,走在前面的“眼镜”开口满是疑惑。 “您先坐下。”王跃琼招呼两人坐定后,回身从办公桌拿出一份《驻队律师法制教育告知书》,把里面详细列明的相关法规条款一条一条讲解给两人听。 “哦,我们就是违反了这一条。”“眼镜”指着其中一条自言自语。随后,他们在告知书上签字,出门下二楼交罚款,神色明显缓和了许多。 “这是我们专门设计的一个制度流程,就是让来受罚的管理对象,都要先接受一次律师的法制教育。就像法院有个判后答疑一样,我们也通过驻队律师对行政处罚进行答疑解惑,借此机会开展法制教育。”谢挺说,为此,他们特意把驻队律师办公室安排在三楼第一间。 唐恩明说,过去很多人虽然来接受处罚,但心里有怨气,一路骂骂咧咧,常常是一边缴款一边跟队员大吵大闹。“但经过律师这么一说,知道自己的确违法了,心里的怨气就少了大半,口服心也服,现在我们的楼里天天都像现在这样安安静静。” 对于首次违法的商贩,深圳城管执法部门也听从律师建议,运用“自愿申请参加社会服务”的方式来代替处罚,服务内容包括辅助执法、清理小广告、清扫街道、交通劝导等。“物品我们先暂扣下来,同时发给违法商贩一份《参加社会服务申请表》,参加足够时间的社会服务并承诺不再违法经营后,商贩就可以把物品取回。”唐恩明介绍,截至6月30日,共有51名违法行为人申请了社会服务,已执行完毕。 在綦文生看来,推动文明执法、严格执法,并不意味着能够解决所有问题;执法效力的提升,目前也只限于对有固定经营场所的商贩。而对大量基本身份信息都不明确的流动商贩,即使律师帮忙,穷尽各种手段,90%以上也无法处罚到位。对此,惟有提升全社会的文明素质,形成自觉懂法、守法的氛围。 “说一千道一万,就是一个‘法’字,用法来重构城管和商贩之间的关系。”深圳市城市管理局局长王国宾说,律师驻队是问题导向倒逼出来的改革,最终有助于提升整个社会的文明素质,营造法治氛围。南山区委书记姜建军要求扩大“律师驻队”的应用层面,南山区安监、环保等相关执法部门已推行“律师驻队”。 “律师驻队既是公众参与执法的一种形式,也是实现民主监督的重要途径。不仅在城管执法领域适用,在其他执法领域同样适用。”中国政法大学法治政府研究院院长王敬波教授也提醒,在推广过程中,需注意因地制宜,统筹考虑律师和行政机关之间的关联度,确保律师始终秉持中立立场,而不至于变为城管等行政机关的附属品。(应采访对象要求,文中李涛、刘毅为化名) 原刊于《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月14日 15 版) (责编:涂敏、陈康清)相关的主题文章:

IPhone lost customer service calls, said the phone to find you want to say account password

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IPhone lost customer service calls that you said to find mobile phone account password immediately after the loss of iPhone iCloud cloud open loss mode remote lock by remote lock after the mobile phone has been unable to use the Chongqing evening news consumers know that Apple’s mobile phone is lost or stolen, if not the original Apple (apple ID account and password), mobile phone holder is not normal and use the brush. There are several people in Qijiang district who have set up a studio to unlock the apple mobile phone business illegally, and fake the original ID and password of the owner of the machine by pretending to be the apple customer service. It is reported that the studio unlocked more than 400 mobile phones, illegal income of more than 11 yuan. In November 18th, Qijiang district court verdict: Lou Mou and other 6 people illegally obtain computer information system data crime, sentenced to one year to three years imprisonment. It is understood that this is the first case of Apple mobile phone accounts and password implementation of cybercrime cases in Chongqing, for the future to combat the harm of mobile operating system security network crime has opened a precedent. At the beginning of March this year, the defendant Lou, together with Li Moujia, Li Mouyi set up a studio, engaged in illegal unlocking of Apple’s mobile phone business, and has recruited Yu danmou, Zhang, who joined the studio. First of all, the members of the studio undertake online unlocking Apple mobile phone business, asking the other side to unlock the apple account and the name of the owner, contact information and other information. The studio use Internet phone software tampering with the caller’s contact mobile phone owner, posing as the official Apple customer service, that the loss of mobile phone has been found, the need to provide a security question to verify, to get the owner’s security question or password; then the login password is the apple official website will delete the account, so as to achieve the purpose of unlocking a mobile phone. After the phone is unlocked, it can be sold, and the real machine owner is not worth the candle. Prosecutor Zhang Zhang said, this is the first case of Apple mobile phone accounts and passwords for the implementation of cybercrime cases, involving a large number of professional knowledge in the field of computer science, there is no similar case in the country for reference. Qijiang District procuratorate to master relevant case basis, from the illegal access to computer information system data elements of the crime, defines the connotation and extension of the computer information system data and other invasive techniques, accurate to guide the public security organs from the charges to identify aspects of evidence collection. IPhone lost or stolen password killed not said prosecutors handling the case Zhang Jian said, although this type of scam is novel, the great majority of fruit powder or deceptive, but should raise awareness. Once the iPhone is lost or stolen, the following measures are suggested: 1. Make sure that "find my iPhone" has been opened in the phone "settings -iCloud"; 2. Immediately computer login iCloud cloud, open the "lost mode", lock the phone; 3. Don’t trust any email, SMS, phone that requires you to provide Apple ID account and password; 4. Don’t open a link like third requirements; 5. Use the QQ mailbox as the Apple ID account,.

iPhone丢失客服来电说手机找到 要你说账户密码 iPhone丢失后立即上iCloud云端打开丢失模式远程锁定 手机被远程锁定后已无法使用   重庆晚报讯 果粉们都知道,苹果手机遗失或被盗后,如果没有原始Apple ID(苹果账户)及密码,手机持有者是无法正常使用和刷机的。綦江区有几个人,专门成立工作室从事非法解锁苹果手机业务,并冒充苹果客服骗取机主的原始ID及密码。据悉,该工作室共解锁手机400余部,违法所得11万余元。   11月18日,綦江区法院一审判决:娄某等6人犯非法获取计算机信息系统数据罪,判处一年至三年不等有期徒刑。据了解,这是重庆首例以苹果手机账号和密码为对象实施的网络犯罪案件,为今后打击危害手机操作系统安全的网络犯罪开了先河。   今年3月初,被告人娄某,伙同李某甲、李某乙成立工作室,从事非法解锁苹果手机业务,并先后招聘喻某、石某、张某等人加入工作室。   首先由该工作室成员在网上承接解锁苹果手机业务,要求对方提供需解锁手机的苹果账户和失主姓名、联系方式等资料。工作室成员利用可篡改来电显示的网络电话软件联系手机失主,冒充苹果官方客服,谎称其丢失手机已找到,需要提供密保问题进行验证,借此获取失主的密保问题或密码;再通过该密码登录苹果官方网站将其账户删除,从而达到解锁手机目的。手机解锁后就可以出售了,真正的机主得不偿失。   办案检察官张剑称,这是我市首例以苹果手机账号和密码为对象实施的网络犯罪案件,涉及大量计算机领域的专业知识,在全国范围内也没有类似判例可供参考。綦江区检察院在掌握相关案情基础上,从非法获取计算机信息系统数据罪的各项构成要件出发,界定了计算机信息系统数据、侵入以外的其他技术手段的内涵和外延,准确引导公安机关从罪名认定方面进行证据搜集。   iPhone丢失或被盗 账号密码打死都不说   办案检察官张剑称,尽管此类骗局新颖,具很大欺骗性,但广大果粉还是应该提高防范意识。一旦苹果手机丢失或被盗,建议采取以下措施应对:   1。确保手机“设置-iCloud”中已打开“查找我的 iPhone”;   2。立即电脑登录iCloud云端,打开“丢失模式”,将手机锁死;   3。不要相信任何要求你提供Apple ID账号和密码的邮件、短信、电话;   4。碰到类似第3条要求的相关链接也不要打开;   5。若使用QQ邮箱作为Apple ID账号,给QQ邮箱开启独立密码;   6.Apple ID开启两步验证。   手机没丢却遭锁机 赶紧求助官方客服   昨日,重庆晚报记者致电苹果客服。对方表示,用户手机没丢却发现被远程锁定,可判定你的ID和密码可能泄漏,应立即上云端解锁。如果ID已被人更改,应及时拨打苹果客服热线,提供Apple ID原始信息,找回ID。   “用户平时使用Apple ID时,要注意保护,不向来源不明的登录框输入自己的ID和密码,不随便进入来源不明的网页进行操作。”苹果客服表示,最好设置Apple ID的两步验证,加强ID安全级别,同时要注意手机序列号不要暴露。相关的主题文章:

What is the sparrow the end of the story Who is the real sparrow Diversity plot finale – Fujian Chan

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What is the ending of "sparrow" novel? Who is the real sparrow? Diversity story to the finale — Fujian channel — people’s original title: "sparrow" what is the ending of the novel? Who is the real sparrow? The diversity introduced to the finale drama "sparrow" adapted from the original novel of the same name famous screenwriter Matt, along with the launch of TV drama, the story of ups and downs, is too attractive, firmly grasp the audience’s attention. The characters’ trend and final life and death in the sparrow show the curiosity of the fans. Many people have begun to curious about the end of the main characters in the original novel. Then, did Chen die in the original novel "sparrow"? Who is Chen Qiang going to be with? Who won Chen Shen or Bi Zhongliang last? In the novel "sparrow", about Chen deep ending is implicit, a lot of people think Chen deep is dead, there are a lot of people understand Chen deep in the eve of the liberation war is still active in the forefront. Chen Shen was a soldier who had to go deep into the enemy’s position to finish the task. In the play, Chen Shen is the character Li Yifeng played. Chen Shen in the middle of an ordinary life into the enemy, therefore had to be very also forced in lead a fast, drug trafficking and other activities. (Lin Dongxiao, commissioning editor Shi Yunjuan) original title: "what is the sparrow" the end of the story? Who is the real sparrow? The diversity introduced to the finale wrote in the final chapter novel "sparrow", Chen deep and spring sheep successfully carried out the transfer, but a raging undercurrent has not ended, the new crisis is coming, although not explicitly specify Chen deep end, but still can tell Chen deep in the outcome of the text the ink in the pen. Chen Shen is very likely because the spring and sheep handover, in order to ensure the safety of information, have to sacrifice ourselves for the spring of sheep. Of course, a lot of people think Chen Chen didn’t sacrifice in the end, maybe he could survive as before. But according to the author of the novel’s intention, it will lead to the destruction of the sparrow, and the name of Chen Shen and China ancient Chen also have similarities, so Chen deep eventually escape the robbery. TV drama "sparrow" deep end Chen don’t know yet, but according to all the clues, Chen deep fate will still be like the original, sacrificed his life in the heart of faith. TV drama "sparrow" in the production process, once said, will try to maintain the novel line, so Chen deep final outcome is likely to be heroic martyrdom. Bi Zhongliang was originally an officer of the Kuomintang, and Chen Shen was a comrade in arms. In a campaign against red bandits, Bi Zhongliang was hit by shrapnel from a bomb and almost died on the battlefield. Thanks to Chen Shen, he took him off the battlefield and sent him to the hospital. Before medical staff pulled out the shrapnel, Chen cut his hair off. Because of this matter, Bi Zhongliang and Chen deep forged a deep friendship. Later, Bi Zhongliang persuaded Chen Shen and two people defected to Wang puppet government. Bi Zhongliang acted as the captain of the action team, while Chen Shen was the captain of the first unit. At this time, Chen Shen was already buried in the puppet government

《麻雀》小说结局是什么?真正的麻雀是谁?分集剧情介绍至大结局–福建频道–人民网   原标题:《麻雀》小说结局是什么?真正的麻雀是谁?分集剧情介绍至大结局   电视剧《麻雀》改编自著名编剧海飞的同名原著小说,随着电视剧的开播,剧情跌宕起伏,实在太吸引人了,牢牢的抓住了观众的视线。《麻雀》剧中的人物走向和最后的生死结局吊起了剧迷们的好奇心。   不少人已经开始对原著小说中主要人物的结局感到好奇了,那么在原著小说《麻雀》中陈深结局死了吗?陈深最后会和谁在一起?陈深和毕忠良最后谁输谁赢了?   在小说《麻雀》中,关于陈深的结局十分的含蓄,很多人都以为陈深已经死了,也有很多人理解成陈深在解放前夕依旧活跃在战争前沿。   陈深是一名为了完成任务不得不深入敌人阵地的战士。在剧中,陈深这个角色是李易峰扮演的。陈深在平常生活中要融入敌人的内部,因此不得不表现得十分放荡不羁,还迫不得已参与了贩卖鸦片等活动。 (责编:林东晓、施云娟)   原标题:《麻雀》小说结局是什么?真正的麻雀是谁?分集剧情介绍至大结局   在小说《麻雀》最后的篇章写道,陈深成功地和春羊进行了交接,但是一场汹涌暗流并没有就此而止,新的危机即将爆发,虽然没有明确指明陈深的结局,但是在文字笔墨中依然能够揣测出陈深的结局。   陈深很有可能因为和春羊交接,为了保证情报的安全性,不得已而牺牲自己成全春羊。当然也有很多人认为陈深在最后并没有牺牲,或许能够和之前一样死里逃生。   但是根据小说作者的本意而言,麻雀终究还是要走向毁灭的,而陈深的名字和中国古代的陈胜也有着相似之处,所以陈深最终难逃此劫。   电视剧《麻雀》陈深结局目前还不知道,但是根据种种线索来看,陈深的命运依然会如原著一般,为了心中的信仰而牺牲自己的生命。电视剧《麻雀》在制作的过程中,曾经说过会尽量地维持小说的线路,因而陈深最后的结局很有可能是英勇就义。   毕忠良原先是国民党的一位军官,和陈深是战友。在一次围剿赤匪的战役中,毕忠良被一块炸弹的弹片击中,差点死在了战场上。多亏了陈深把他扛下战场,送进了医护院。在医护人员为他取出弹片之前,还是陈深为他剪掉了头发。也由于这件事,毕忠良和陈深结下了深厚的战友情谊。   其后,毕忠良说服了陈深,两个人一起投奔了汪伪政府。毕忠良任直属行动队的大队长,而陈深任第一分队的小队长。其实在这个时候,陈深已经是中共埋在汪伪政府内部的一个特工了,但是毕忠良并不知晓,不过多疑的毕忠良,从始至终也没有相信过陈深。   由于之前头部受过伤,毕忠良的头皮经常会发麻,尤其是下雨天和紧张的时候。同时他也有酒精依赖症,只要一段时间不喝酒,就会像毒瘾发作一样浑身痉挛。   他在职期间,对处置在上海的中共特工和军统特工,毫不留情,沈秋霞,唐山海等人,都是死在他的手上。他意图通过这样的方式,使自己得到升迁。 (责编:林东晓、施云娟)   原标题:《麻雀》小说结局是什么?真正的麻雀是谁?分集剧情介绍至大结局   由于苏三省提供的情报,使军统被毕忠良一网打尽。留在上海的唯一的军统特工唐山海为了铲锄汉奸,不惜暴露身份刺杀曾树和苏三省。毕忠良将唐山海拘捕后处以死刑。   这也引起了唐山海的假妻子徐碧城对他的仇恨。徐碧城自制了一枚炸弹,虽然威力不大,但是里面的铁片,都被徐碧城浸过砒霜。在军统锄奸刺杀毕忠良的时候,徐碧城将这颗炸弹投向了毕忠良。毕忠良由此中毒而死。   关于《麻雀》陈深爱宰相吗?这个问题还要从整体剧情来看。电视剧《麻雀》中的男主角陈深身边,可以说美女如云,但是他都拒绝了别人的爱意。陈深有着初恋女友徐碧城,最终徐碧城也向陈深表白,但是却没有得到他的回应,这是因为在陈深的心目中深爱的人其实是宰相。   关于陈深爱宰相吗这一话题一直以来都有着很大的争议,很多人都认为陈深根本就不爱宰相。因为在小说中绝大多数的篇幅都是描写陈深和徐碧城以及李小男的,提及宰相的内容少之又少。 (责编:林东晓、施云娟)相关的主题文章:

Fourth times six years Chouzhou bank basketball coaching Ding Wei is expected to stage a comeback in foldercure

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Fourth times six years Chouzhou bank basketball coaching Ding Wei is expected to stage a comeback – Beijing "by the club I decided now, Zhang Yongjun no longer serve as the Zhejiang Chouzhou bank basketball first team coach." Yesterday afternoon, Zhejiang Chouzhou bank in the official micro-blog announced that the coach personnel changes. According to the arrangement of the club, the middle of the 2013-2014 season as coach Zhang Yongjun to fire danger, went back to the previous position, in charge of the youth team. As a successor, said the study is Chouzhou bank. It is assumed that the former men’s basketball coach Ding Wei Chouzhou bank is likely after three seasons back to work. When Zhang Yongjun stepped back to the old post even Chouzhou bank club management personnel, also to coach sudden changes in surprise. It is understood that Zhang Yongjun’s decision to leave office comes directly from the club investors. The occurrence of major changes and management of the Xinjiang team, chairman, Chouzhou bank club general manager and other positions do not change. The official announcement only two hundred or three hundred words did not elaborate on the reasons of Zhang Yongjun "class", but from last season in Chouzhou bank Basketball League and the final score, Zhang Yongjun’s work should not let investors satisfied. Although the beginning of the season developed a new exercise first, achievement second season policy, but the entire season Chouzhou bank team is always the biggest bright spot in the crazy brush "82" Mr. Jimmy Krum, local players in addition to Wu, no more found. Regular season 11 wins and 27 losses, even ignoring the league’s penultimate sixth results, young players are difficult to improve in the process of losing. During the season, Zhang Yongjun also created a command team negative competition events, and punished by the Basketball Association club. Chouzhou bank club spokesman Lu Yi said that the Zhang Yongjun youth team still has gained some achievements, to the club first Youth League, the club still thanks to his work. Now Zhang Yongjun has been appointed head coach of the club, and he has worked as the youth coach. Zhang Yongjun is a basketball team in the 6 season Chouzhou bank Fourth "coach class". In December 2013, the youth team coach Zhang Yongjun in the TV station just finished Chouzhou bank team lost away to Tianjin team, the next day to fly to Beijing to succeed the deposed Yang Xuezeng. This time, he went back to his old job a year ago. When the helpless "class" Ding Wei is expected to stage a comeback at the same time, Chouzhou bank basketball’s next coach, there may also be a return to the origin of the old acquaintances. Lu Yi said that there have been contacts with several coaches, but there is no final conclusion. In fact, since Jiang Xingquan has led, has not asked Chouzhou bank basketball teachers, the current CBA circles have the strength of a handful of unemployed coach. To change the Xinjiang team coach group recently, served as the two season coach Ding Wei in Chouzhou bank team, which is the best candidate. 2010-2011 season, Zheng Wu succeeded in Chouzhou bank basketball Office of Ding Wei is a "rookie" coach CBA,.

稠州银行男篮六年第四次换帅 丁伟有望东山再起-中新网   “经我俱乐部研究决定,即日起张勇军不再担任浙江稠州银行男篮一队主教练。”昨天下午,浙江稠州银行在官方微博上宣布了这条主教练人事变动。   根据俱乐部的安排,2013-2014赛季中期作为救火教练临危上阵的张勇军,又回到了之前的位置上,主管青年队。至于接任人选,稠州银行表示正在考察中。据推测,前稠州银行男篮主帅丁伟很有可能时隔三个赛季重新上岗。   当初临危受命的张勇军   重回老岗位   即使是稠州银行俱乐部管理人员,也对突如其来的主教练变动感到意外。据了解,让张勇军卸任的决定直接来自俱乐部投资人。与管理层发生重大变动的新疆队不同,稠州银行俱乐部董事长、总经理等要职并无人事变动。   寥寥两三百字的官方通告并未详细说明张勇军“下课”的原因,不过从上赛季稠州银行男篮在联赛中的表现以及最终成绩来看,张勇军的工作应该无法让投资人满意。   尽管赛季初就制定了锻炼新人第一、成绩第二的赛季方针,但整个赛季稠州银行队最大的亮点却是一直在疯狂刷分的“82分先生”麦克鲁姆,本土球员中除了吴前,再无更多的发现。   常规赛11胜27负,即使忽略联赛倒数第六的成绩,年轻队员很难在输球的过程中获得提高。赛季中,张勇军还闹出了指挥队员消极比赛的事件,被篮协和俱乐部处罚。   稠州银行俱乐部发言人陆毅表示,张勇军带青年队还是获得了一定的成绩,拿到了俱乐部第一个青年联赛冠军,俱乐部仍然感谢他的工作。现在张勇军被任命为俱乐部总教练,而实际工作还是担任青年队主教练。   张勇军是稠州银行男篮6个赛季以来第4位“下课”的主教练。2013年12月,当时还是青年队主教练的张勇军刚在电视台解说完稠州银行队客场负于天津队的比赛,次日就飞赴北京接替被解职的杨学增。这一次,他又回到了一年前的老岗位上。   当年无奈“下课”的丁伟   有望东山再起   与此同时,稠州银行男篮的下一任新帅,也很有可能是一位回到原点的老熟人。   陆毅表示,目前已经和几位教练人选接触,但还没有最终结论。事实上,自蒋兴权带队以来,稠州银行男篮一直没有请过外教,目前CBA圈内有实力的赋闲教练屈指可数。联系到最近新疆队的教练组变动,曾在稠州银行队担任过两个赛季主教练的丁伟,势必是最佳人选。   2010-2011赛季,接替郑武在稠州银行男篮上任的丁伟还是一位CBA“菜鸟”主教练,但那一年他带领球队打进了季后赛,最终获得第五,这也是至今为止稠州银行队的联赛最佳战绩,球队的精神面貌和过硬的防守令人印象深刻。   遗憾的是,之后那个赛季,稠州银行男篮斥巨资引进J.R。史密斯,这位各种不服的超级外援让丁伟和教练组吃足了苦头,未能率队打进季后赛,黯然下课。   但是稠州银行男篮当时并未让丁伟离开俱乐部,而是为他安排了去立陶宛学习,连签证都办好了,只是丁伟获得崔万军的邀约,远赴新疆男篮,三年来也登上过总决赛舞台。   现在新疆队准备引进东莞队的戈尔,原主教练崔万军被任命为国奥男篮主帅,与之合作了三个赛季的丁伟正是自由身。圈内人都知道,丁伟对于他在稠州银行队的“下课”内心并不服气,毕竟那个特殊的赛季出现了太多让他无法控制的干扰,如果此次有回到原点重新证明自己的机会,他应该不会放弃。相关的主题文章:

One hundred Chinese tour of Jeju Island was black house Consulate General response in Jeju – Guangdo sugus

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One hundred Chinese tour of Jeju Island was "black house"? Consulate General in Jeju – Guangdong channel response — original title: Consulate General in Jeju in response to more than 100 Chinese tour of Jeju Island was "dark room" incident in Seoul in October 8, (Xia Xue) "eleven" during the golden week hundreds of China tourists in Jeju Island, was refused entry "the dark room" incident. According to South Korea’s law, visitors holding mainland China passport can apply for visa free access to Jeju Island, Korea, stay for 30 days. A lot of travel ads also claim that as long as you take your passport and ticket, you can come to Jeju Island. So why is this happening? This reporter immediately contacted the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju to verify this. China Consulate General in Jeju consul said although Jeju Island repair industry, which belongs to the visa, but does not mean you can direct entry visa. Even if you have a visa, there is a possibility of being denied entry. The entry examination of foreigners is the inherent exercise of sovereignty in each country. Therefore, the ROK has its own criteria for the admission of immigrants, that is, mainly from the Entry Motivation considerations. Visitors will be refused entry if their travel credentials are not complete or they are suspected of immigration. And ye also said that this was refused entry to the situation since the diplomatic relations between the two countries have occurred. With the increase of Chinese ROK tourists to visit Jeju Island, nearly 90% foreign tourists are China tourists, so refused entry number will be relatively increased. In addition, there have been two crimes committed by Chinese tourists in Jeju Island, South Korea, so the exit and Entry Administration of Cheju Airport has strengthened the examination of entry personnel. According to South Korean media reports, in September 17th, a local woman by a man with a knife stabbing China of a church in Jeju in September 9th, 8 in prayer; China visitors beat a local restaurant hostess, caused the cerebral hemorrhage. Frequent incidents of malignant events triggered panic in the local. South Korean public opinion believes that the government should reflect on whether to continue allowing Chinese people to enter Jeju Island without visa. Even South Korean netizens launched a petition to abolish the Jeju visa free policy on the website, and the number of participants has exceeded 10000 within two days. In addition, some tourists at the airport for the "black house" held by " " five days of news, and industry said that most of the tourists are to follow the tour charter flights to Jeju Island. In accordance with the regulations, from which city, must return from the same city. So those who refused to enter the country can only wait until the end of the tour, and then take a return flight. Moreover, some airlines have stipulated that only three passengers can be repatriated on a single flight. In addition, the "eleven" golden week flight tension, leading to Chinese tourists stranded in the airport for too long. In order to avoid frequent incidents like this, the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju suggests that Chinese tourists enter Jeju Island to make full preparations and increase the success rate of customs clearance. In addition to showing legal valid passport, effective itinerary, you also need to prepare the hotel booking list as an auxiliary material in advance, so as not to prevent the ROK from entering the country on the grounds that the travel itinerary has not been implemented. )

百余中国人游济州岛被关“小黑屋”?驻济州总领事馆回应–广东频道–人民网 原标题:驻济州总领事馆回应百余中国人游济州岛被关“小黑屋”事件   人民网首尔10月8日电(夏雪)“十一”黄金周期间发生了上百名中国游客在济州岛入境遭拒、被关“小黑屋”事件。根据韩国法律规定,持中国大陆护照的游客可申请免签进入韩国济州岛、停留30天。很多旅游广告上也都声称,只要带上护照和机票,就能来一趟说走就走的济州岛之旅。那么为何会发生这一事件呢?本网记者立即联系了中国驻济州总领事馆对此进行核实。   中国驻济州总领事馆修明业领事表示,尽管济州岛属于免签地区,但免签并不等于可以直接入境。即使持有签证,也有被拒绝入境的可能性。外国人入境审查是每个国家固有的主权行使行为。因此对于准许何人入境,韩方有自己的判断标准,即主要从入境动机方面考量。如果游客旅行凭证不全,或被怀疑有移民倾向,都将被拒绝入境。   修明业还表示,这样被拒绝入境的情况自两国建交以来就时有发生。目前中国访韩游客大幅增加,来济州岛访问的外国游客中近90%都是中国游客,所以被拒绝入境的人数也会相对增多。此外,近日接连发生了两起中国游客在韩国济州岛制造的犯罪事件,所以济州机场出入境管理部门加强了对入境人员的审查力度。   据韩媒报道,9月17日,一名当地女子在济州某教堂祷告时被一名中国男子持刀捅死;9月9日,8名中国游客殴打一名当地餐厅女老板、致其脑出血。恶性事件的频发在当地引发恐慌情绪。有韩国舆论认为,政府应反思是否继续允许中国人免签进入济州岛。甚至有韩国网友在网站上发起了废除济州免签政策的请愿活动,两天内参与人数就已过万。   此外,对于部分游客在机场“小黑屋”被"关押"长达五天的新闻,修明业表示,大部分游客都是跟随旅行团包机前往济州岛的。按照规定,从哪个城市出发,必须从相同的城市返回。所以那些被拒绝入境的游客只能等旅行团的行程全部结束后,再一起搭乘返程航班。而且部分航空公司有规定,一次航班最多只能接受三名遣返旅客。再加上“十一”黄金周期间航班紧张,便导致了中国游客在机场滞留时间过长。   为了避免此类事件的频发,中国驻济州总领事馆建议中国游客入境济州岛做好充分的准备,增加通关成功率。除了出示合法的有效护照、有效的行程单外,还需提前准备好酒店预订单等作为辅助材料,以免韩方以没有落实旅游行程为由而阻止入境。 (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章:

Russian media says EU China cooperation is irreversible and the divergence between us and EU policy winsockfix

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Russian media said the China EU cooperation policy differences between us and China to expand irreversible picture: European unemployment heavy foreign media, including the United States, the world’s major game player Chinese, Japan, India, Russia and Europe, these countries and regions to form a variety of geopolitical layout in collaboration with each other at the same time. Each major player’s relationship development system can be seen as part of a global game that is shaping up. The Russian Eastern new observation sites in January 26th published an article entitled "the United States" – China – Europe "triangle" process of the article said, with the global events shift the focus to the Asia Pacific region, "is of particular significance in the course of American – Chinese – Japan – India" pattern changes. However, Europe has recently mentioned itself as an "angle" in the important triangle, and the other two corners of the triangle are the United States and china. In Ukraine and Syria on the strategic parts of Europe and the United States agree, but that does not mean that the Europeans to America obedient. The major European countries joined the Asian investment bank in Beijing led the establishment and China close cooperation in the economic field, the global game this fact proves that the "beauty of Europe" delta launch has the characteristics of large scale and complex. Washington and the European Union will give Chinese China of market economy status negotiations progress intense reaction, which led to the recent European conflicts, but also that "severe degree of beauty in Europe" triangle situation. Especially the British finance minister George Osborn during his visit to China last year reaffirms its support for the early recognition of Chinese full market economy status, the German Prime Minister Merkel also expressed the same meaning in during his visit to China last year. The two statement is striking, because this is the authority of research done in a group of European experts for the EU to grant market economy status Chinese made immediately after the announcement of the consequences. The Research Report of the main conclusion is that the termination of anti-dumping barriers (according to the provisions of the Chinese WTO, market economy countries have the right to set up anti-dumping barriers from "non market" economy of goods) may make Europeans lose up to 3 million 500 thousand jobs. It is impossible to speculate that the EU’s decision to support China’s access to market economic status is politically motivated. And the European Union wants to promote China’s investment into a struggling European economy. In 2001, the WTO gave China 15 years of protection so that it could carry out economic reforms according to some market economies. The transition period will end at the end of 2016, and it is extremely important for China to achieve a breakthrough in the western front of Europe on the road to market economy. In this case, Washington tried to raise this responsibility, but Washington followed the political views, not the abstract concepts of economics. Because the development of economic cooperation between China and Europe means to build a solid foundation for all other fields of inter national relations. What does Western solidarity look like in the face of a common threat? Or are common threats becoming more and more different? For the United States, China is clearly the main source of threats. For Washington’s European allies, it must not be. Merkel visits Beijing almost every eight lifts, while Berlin, London and Paris are receiving Chinese leaders.

俄媒称中欧合作不可逆转 美欧对华政策分歧扩大 资料图片:欧洲失业人数普降   外媒称,世界主要玩家包括美国、中国、日本、印度、俄罗斯和欧洲,这些国家和地区在相互协作的同时形成了各种各样的地缘政治布局。每个主要玩家的关系发展体系都可视为正在形成的全球游戏中的一部分。   俄罗斯东方新观察网站1月26日发表题为《“美国-中国-欧洲”三角进程》的文章称,随着全球事件重心向亚太地区位移,“美国-中国-日本-印度”格局的变化进程具有特别的意义。   不过,欧洲近期重提自己是重要三角中的一个“角”,这个三角的另两个“角”是美国和中国。欧美在乌克兰和叙利亚问题上的战略部分吻合,但这绝不意味着欧洲人对美国唯命是从。   欧洲主要大国加入北京主导建立的亚投行并与中国在经济领域密切合作,这一事实证明“美中欧”三角展开的全球博弈具有复杂和规模大的特点。   华盛顿对中国和欧盟就给予中国市场经济地位的长期谈判进程取得进展反应激烈,这引发了欧美最近的矛盾,也表明“美中欧”三角形势的严峻程度。   尤其是英国财政大臣乔治?奥斯本去年访华期间重申支持欧盟尽早承认中国完全市场经济地位,德国总理默克尔也在去年访华期间表达了同样的意思。   两 次声明之所以引人注目,是因为这是在欧洲一个专家小组为欧盟给予中国市场经济地位的后果所做的权威研究公布后立即作出的。研究报告的主要结论是,解除针对 中国的反倾销壁垒(根据世贸组织规定,市场经济国家有权对来自“非市场”经济体的商品设置反倾销壁垒)有可能令欧洲人失去多达350万个工作岗位。   由此不可能不推测,欧盟预计做出的支持中国获得市场经济地位的决定存在政治动机。而且欧盟希望促进中国投资流向处境艰难的欧洲经济。   世贸组织2001年给予了中国15年的保护期,以便其按某些市场经济样板进行经济改革。转型期将在2016年底结束,在获得市场经济地位的道路上在西方阵线的欧洲实现突破对中国极其重要。   在此情况下华盛顿试图挑起这一重任,但华盛顿遵循的是政治见解,而非经济学的抽象概念。因为中欧发展经济领域的合作意味着为国家间关系的所有其他领域建立坚固基础。   面对共同威胁的西方团结是什么样的?抑或共同威胁变得越来越不同?对美国来说,中国显然是威胁的主要源头。对华盛顿的欧洲盟友来说则一定不是。默克尔每次访问北京都几乎是八抬大轿的规格,而柏林、伦敦和巴黎在接待中国领导人时也同样隆重。   2015 年底英国《金融时报》刊登了一篇题为《美国因给予中国市场经济地位一事警告欧洲》的文章。文章指出,华盛顿指明,因中国商品以低廉的倾销价格免税进入欧洲 市场而“单方面解除欧洲贸易防御”,这会引起危险后果。华盛顿认为,欧洲人不得不为中国可能加大对欧盟国家经济的投资而付出太高的代价。   中国对这篇文章立刻做出反应。中国媒体指出,已有超过90个世贸组织成员承认中国的完全市场经济地位。同时指出,以英国、德国和法国为首的欧洲国家近些年积极发展对华往来,认为具备发展关系的有利条件。   尽管在分析“美中欧”三角形势的问题上存在各种因素,但中欧加强合作之势是显而易见且不可逆转的。相关的主题文章:

The ceasefire coordination center of Syria and Syria is set up at the Russian Air Force Base in Syri jiuyaogan

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The Syrian parties to the conflict ceasefire coordination center established new clubs in Moscow in February 23, the Sohu news   in the Russian Air Force Base in Syria; (reporter Wang Xiujun) local time 23, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the parties to the conflict in Syria ceasefire coordination center has been in Russia in the Syrian air force base was established and began to work. The United States and Russia issued a joint statement 22 days, announced that the parties within the Syria conflict will be implemented at Damascus local time on February 27th zero point ceasefire agreement. According to the statement, the parties to the Syria conflict should show to Russia or the United States that they intend to fulfill the ceasefire agreement at 26 a.m. local time in Syria. 23, Syria government issued a statement, announced that the government accepted the ceasefire agreement, and is willing to coordinate with the Russian government action. 23, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Kona Schenker J disclosed to the outside world in Moscow, according to the Syria ceasefire agreement between the United States and Russia, the ceasefire coordination center of the parties to the conflict in Syria has been set up in Russia’s Syria air base, and has begun to work. Kona Schenker J said that all the opposition organizations which decided to stop military operations and participate in the peace talks could contact the coordination center at any time by telephone, which will help them contact the representatives of the government of Syria. In addition, the center will supervise the ceasefire situation of the parties concerned and the delivery of humanitarian relief materials. According to the Russian Defense Ministry press office news, the day of the Russian Embassy military attache at the direction of the United States representative to the Russian contact phone book, Russia hopes the United States to do the same thing. Author: Wang Xiujun 叙冲突各方停火协调中心在俄驻叙空军基地成立-搜狐新闻  中新社莫斯科2月23日电  (记者 王修君)当地时间23日,俄罗斯国防部表示,叙利亚冲突各方停火协调中心已在俄驻叙空军基地成立并开始工作。  美国与俄罗斯22日发表联合声明宣布,叙利亚内部冲突各方将于大马士革当地时间2月27日零点起执行停火协议。根据该声明,叙利亚冲突各方应于叙利亚当地时间26日零时前向俄罗斯或美国表明有意履行停火协议。23日,叙利亚政府方面发表声明,宣布政府接受停火协议,并愿意与俄罗斯政府协调行动。  23日,俄国防部发言人科纳申科夫在莫斯科对外界透露,根据美俄达成的叙利亚停火协议,叙利亚冲突各方停火协调中心已在俄驻叙利亚赫梅明空军基地成立并已开始工作。  科纳申科夫说,所有决定停止军事行动并参加和谈的叙反对派组织可随时通过电话与该协调中心取得联系,该中心将帮助其与叙利亚政府代表取得联系。此外,该中心将监督各方在叙的停火情况以及人道主义救援物资运送情况等。  据俄国防部新闻处消息,当天俄方向美国大使馆武官处代表转交了俄方联系人电话簿,俄方希望美方采取相同做法。  作者:王修君相关的主题文章:

The man kicked the elevator door and fell down from the four building 9c8814

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Drunk man kicked the elevator door falling from the four floor of the original title: KTV drinking wine, he kicked the elevator door, unfortunately, the car door kicked off, but not to the end of the year, but drink less, drink high, trouble will come. Yesterday morning, Hangzhou Yang drunk, watching the elevator doors did not open, he directly on foot, results the door is opened, the elevator car did not come, Xiao Yang directly from the 4 floor to the 1 floor. Fortunately, he just left leg fracture. From the 4 floor down he was lying in the elevator shaft to move at 3:47 yesterday morning, Jinjiang squadron fire command center received the dispatch said: Hangzhou golden wheat KTV, there are people trapped from the four floor lift off. 3:52, firefighters arrived at the scene to rescue the first floor of the elevator at the top of the implementation by cutting machine, open a hole, will be trapped in the Xiao Yang rescue, 120 emergency vehicles carried on to rushed to hospital for treatment. Yesterday, the money newspaper reporter came to the incident, Wangjiang Road Mall, golden wheat KTV is located in the mall 4 floor, the elevator is independent of plug on the wall, built with transparent toughened glass, which belongs to the sightseeing elevator, through building 4. However, leaving a building when the rescue cutmarks is also very obvious, the glass slag spilled everywhere. KTV staff said, this elevator is set up solely for KTV, for guests directly up and down, when the incident, the man is directly from the 4 floor fell to the 1 floor. At that time, we scared to death, thought to be out of life, after all, there are more than a dozen Michael." Drink high kicked the elevator elevator door certainly didn’t come fire rescue, 120 ambulances have been on standby at the scene. After the incident, Yang was sent to Hangzhou three hospital for rescue. Fortunately, after examination of Xiao Yang is not life-threatening, but the left leg fracture. Xiao Yang, a Gansu native, aged 24, worked in a hotel in Hangzhou. Little Yang Ceng clashed with others during the incident. "Their box has 7 people, called more than 10 bottles of beer, then do not know because of what happened, Yang and out of the box and another person had a quarrel, after Yang rushed to the elevator, then disappeared." Yesterday, KTV staff also see the surveillance video of the incident: at 3:47 in the morning, a man rushed to the elevator running speed, with his right foot fiercely fly kick in the elevator door, and then the man to the elevator, then disappeared. The staff said, the man is Xiao yang. Qian newspaper reporter noted that the elevator door located on the 4 floor, the right side door has obvious depression. "We have been in contact with the maintenance unit will be repaired as soon as possible." Yesterday morning, a little clear Yang explained: "I kicked the door when the elevator door opened a little, I thought it was the elevator to go, did not expect caikong. The elevator door quality is too poor, I have no strength." Is it really the elevator quality problem? Yesterday, the quality inspection department staff also rushed to the scene. After field testing, the staff to give a definite answer, for the passenger elevator accident damage, resulting in violation of the normal use of the elevator itself quality there is no problem and the normal operation. Newspaper correspondent Chen Jun text reported the first 2

男子酒后踹开电梯门从四楼坠下   原标题:KTV喝完酒,他脚踹电梯门,要命的是,门踢开,轿厢却没来   本报讯 年底了,喝酒少不了,但喝高了,麻烦也就来了。昨天凌晨,杭州的小杨喝高了,看电梯门没开,他直接上脚踢,结果门是开了,电梯轿厢却没来,小杨直接从4楼掉到1楼。万幸的是,他仅仅左腿骨折。   从4楼跌下   他躺在电梯井动弹不得   昨天凌晨3时47分,消防近江中队接到指挥中心的调度称:杭州金麦KTV内,有人从四楼电梯掉下去被困。3时52分,消防员到达现场,用切割机对电梯一楼顶部实施破拆,开出一个口子,将被困的小杨救出,抬上赶来的120急救车送往医院治疗。   昨天,钱报记者也来到了事发地,望江东路某商城,金麦KTV位于大卖场4楼,事发的电梯是独立外挂在墙体上的,用透明钢化玻璃建起来,属于观光电梯,直通4楼。不过,一楼救援时留下的切割痕迹还很明显,溅出的玻璃渣随处可见。   KTV的工作人员说,这部电梯是单独为KTV设置的,供客人直接上下,事发时,男子是从4楼直接跌落到1楼的。“当时把我们吓死了,以为要出人命了,毕竟有十几米高。”   酒喝高了踢开电梯门   电梯轿厢当然没来   消防救援的同时,120救护车已经在现场待命了。事发后,小杨被送到了杭州市三医院进行抢救。万幸的是,经检查小杨并没有生命危险,只是左腿骨折了。   小杨,甘肃人,24岁,在杭州某酒店工作,事发时小杨曾和别人发生过冲突。“他们的包厢有7个人,叫了10多瓶啤酒,后来不知道因为什么事,小杨走出包厢并且和另外一个人有过争吵,之后小杨就冲向电梯了,接着就消失了。”   昨天,KTV工作人员也调看了事发时的监控录像:凌晨3点47分,一男子加速跑步冲向电梯,用右脚狠狠地飞踹了电梯门,然后男子走向电梯,接着就消失了。工作人员说,男子就是小杨。钱报记者注意到,位于4楼的电梯门,右半侧门已有明显的凹陷。“我们已经联系了维保单位,会尽快修好。”   昨天上午,稍微清醒的小杨这样解释:”我当时踹了门一脚,结果电梯门开了一点,我以为是电梯到了,走进去没想到踩空了。电梯门质量太差,我也没有用劲啊。”   莫非真的是电梯质量问题?昨天,质检部门的工作人员也赶到了现场。经现场检测,工作人员给出了确定的答复,事故为乘客人为破坏电梯,违反正常使用导致,电梯本身质量并无问题且事发时正常运行。   本报通讯员 陈钧文 本报首席记者 李阳阳   (感谢朱先生提供线索) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章:

Wuhan and other white-collar demand booming in the third quarter average monthly income rose winavi video converter

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Wuhan white-collar demand third quarter of the average monthly income rise in Hong Kong media said, according to industry reports, the competition situation in the mainland of white-collar jobs has slowed down, the average salary of the third quarter continued to rise. Hongkong "South China Morning Post" website reported on 28 October, according to the New York listed Zhaopin report, the third quarter of the mainland, with an average of 38 people competing for a white-collar job, less than 48 people 45 people in the second quarter and first quarter. The report said that this is the case because the demand for labor is rising and reduced supply: the employer to step up recruitment, job vacancy increased, while experienced white-collar workers choose not to get in the job before the year-end bonus. Reported that the competition eased, coupled with rising compensation — the third quarter, the average monthly income of white-collar mainland rose 4.1%, rose to 7531 yuan, an increase of 7233 yuan in the second quarter. Zhaopin CEO and director Guo Sheng on the "South China Morning Post" reporter said: "with the overall economic stability, the employment market in the third quarter continued to improve." He pointed out that this trend will continue in the rest of the year. Reported that the capital Beijing is still the highest salary white-collar city, monthly average of 9886 yuan, followed by 9642 yuan in Shanghai and 8582 yuan in Shenzhen. In the third quarter, the biggest demand for white-collar workers is in the first tier cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. However, the demand is strong in the regional business center and the two or three tier cities, including Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, Xi’an, Nanjing and Wuhan. In contrast, the mainland China rust belt, the capital of Liaoning Province, Shenyang witnessed the employment market competition is more intense, because the economy of Liaoning Province in the first half of the 1% contraction. However, the general manager of Shanghai Mercer insurance brokers Limited Xia Xiaofei said, now the optimistic said in 2017 is still too early to welcome, because the white-collar workers left behind current position also reflects the tension of the economic outlook. She said: "the overall job market, including white-collar jobs next year may still face the wind, because the real economy may still be due to downward pressure by extrusion, despite the short-term easing. But in the hot sector, such as the Internet and high-tech industries, the hiring momentum is going to continue, and that’s true."

武汉等地白领需求旺 第3季度月均收入上涨港媒称,据行业报告,内地的白领职位的竞争情况稍缓,平均薪酬第三季度继续上涨。香港《南华早报》网站10月28日报道称,据在纽约上市的智联招聘网的报告,第三季度,内地平均38人竞争一个白领职位,比第二季度的45人和第一季度的48人有所减少。该报告说,这种情况是因为对劳动力的需求上升以及供应减少:用人单位加大招聘力度,空缺岗位增多,而有经验的白领员工选择在拿到年终奖前不跳槽。报道称,竞争缓解,再加上薪酬上涨——第三季度,内地白领月均收入上涨4.1%,涨至7531元,比第二季度的7233元有所增加。智联招聘网的首席执行官兼董事郭盛对《南华早报》记者说:“随着整体经济稳定下来,就业市场第三季度继续改善。”他指出,预计今年剩下时间内这一上升势头将持续。报道称,首都北京仍是白领薪酬最高的城市,月均9886元,其后分别是上海9642元和深圳8582元。从第三季度的招聘广告看,对白领员工的最大需求在一线城市,包括北京、上海、深圳和广州。不过,在地区商业中心和二三线城市,需求也很旺盛,包括郑州、成都、天津、西安、南京和武汉。与之形成对比的是,中国内地“铁锈地带”辽宁省省会沈阳见证了就业市场竞争更加激烈,因为辽宁省的经济在上半年收缩了1%。然而,上海美世保险经纪有限公司总经理夏晓霏说,现在对乐观的2017年表示欢迎仍为时尚早,因为白领员工留守目前职位也反映了其对经济前景的紧张情绪。她说:“包括白领职位在内的总体就业市场明年仍可能面临逆风,因为实体经济仍可能因下行压力而受到挤压,尽管短期有所缓解。但在热门行业,比如互联网和高科技行业,招聘势头将持续下去,这是真的。”相关的主题文章:

Shanghai City area of 200K square meters of sponge built in 2020 homefront

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Shanghai City area of 200K square meters of sponge built in 2020 to 2020, the city will build 200K square meters of sponge city area. By 2040, we can build resilience cities that can adapt to the trend of global climate change and resist rain and flood disasters. Trainee reporter Hu Ying morning news refers to the so-called sponge City, the city can be like a sponge, with good "elastic" in adaptation to environmental change and disaster response and so on, when it rains, water storage, water seepage, water purification, water storage will need to "release" and make use of. Many people have been worried about the storm to bring "look at the sea" mode, after the completion of the "sponge city", Shanghai’s drainage capacity will be effectively improved. Since yesterday, the Municipal Bureau of soil and mineral administration publicized the special plan of sponge city in Shanghai. According to the plan, to 2020, the city will build 200K square meters of sponge city area. To the long-term planning (2040), the construction is able to adapt to the trend of global climate change, with the toughness of the city’s stormwater disaster resistance; construction of water environmental quality, excellent water ecology and landscape coordination, city water landscape to provide open space public hydrophilic water harmonious city construction; external ecological space is adequate, the main city, Metro neighborhood ecological corridor the complete development of the construction of ecological civilization, green livable city district. Shanghai city belongs to the plain tidal river network area, urban drainage and water drainage area divided closely. In order to conform to the city planning for city river system characteristics, scientific management, reasonable division principle, based on the city water conservancy area waterlogging slice, planning the formation of 15 sponge city control partition, and formulate the corresponding network standard and flood control standard etc.. According to the Municipal Construction Committee, Shanghai has initially built a number of sponge city model project. As the best practice area of Expo City, rainwater park built a sponge city construction demonstration project in 2013. Sponge city life cycle management was also carried out this year. The port area of 80 meters around the lake Dishui Lake landscape with a phase of the project has been completed 4.6 hectares, mainly by land protection and restoration technology: entrance plaza with ecological water permeable ceramic brick, bikeway by ecological gravel pavement, jogging track use of pervious concrete pavement, ensure the permeability effect; surface flow wetland; ecological shoreline sponge city measures. It is reported that, by promoting the construction of typical model project, the city will soon form a group can be copied, can be extended to the case of sponge City, promote the city’s sponge city construction.

上海2020年建成200k㎡海绵城市区域   至2020年,全市将建成200k㎡海绵城市区域。   至2040年,建设能够适应全球气候变化趋势,具备抵抗雨洪灾害的韧性城市。   见习记者 胡迎   晨报讯 所谓海绵城市,是指城市能够像海绵一样,在适应环境变化和应对自然灾害等方面具有良好的“弹性”,下雨时吸水、蓄水、渗水、净水,需要时将蓄存的水“释放”并加以利用。不少市民一直担心暴雨带来的“看海”模式,在建成“海绵城市”后,上海的排涝能力将得到有效提升。自昨日起,市规土局公示《上海市海绵城市专项规划》方案。   根据规划,至2020年,全市将建成200k㎡海绵城市区域。至规划远期(2040年),建设能够适应全球气候变化趋势,具备抵抗雨洪灾害的韧性城市;建设水环境质量优良、水生态与城市景观协调、水景观为市民提供亲水休憩空间的水和谐城市;建设外围生态空间充足,主城区、新城邻域生态廊道完整,开发建设区绿色宜居的生态文明城市。   上海市属于平原感潮河网地区,城镇排水与水利区域除涝分片联系紧密。规划以顺应城市水系特征、便于城市管理、科学合理划分为原则,在本市水利区域除涝分片的基础上,规划形成了15个海绵城市管控分区,并制定了相应的管网标准和防洪标准等。   据市住建委介绍,目前上海已经初步建成了一些海绵城市样板工程。   如世博城市最佳实践区雨水公园2013年建成了海绵城市建设示范项目。今年还开展了海绵城市全生命周期管理。临港地区滴水湖环湖80米景观带一期工程目前已建成4.6公顷,主要采用了土地保护与修复技术:入口广场采用生态陶瓷透水砖,自行车道采用生态碎石铺装,慢跑道采用透水混凝土,保证路面的透水效果;表流人工湿地; 生态岸线等海绵城市措施。   据悉,通过推进典型样板工程的建设,本市将尽快形成一批可复制、可推广的海绵城市案例,以点带面,推进全市海绵城市建设。相关的主题文章:

Ministry of science and technology a number of provisions on the implementation of the law on the tr

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The Ministry of science and technology: it is making several provisions on the implementation of scientific and technological achievements into law – Beijing, Beijing, February 24, the Ministry of science and technology minister Wan Gang introduced today, the Ministry of science and technology is developing several provisions on the implementation of scientific and technological achievements into law, to transfer into the due diligence exemption, entrepreneurship, benefit and technical achievements from market and technology service in terms of institutional arrangements, to implement the transformation of scientific and technological achievements method. The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference today, and Wan Gang, Minister of science and technology, introduced the situation of scientific and technological reform and innovation, and answered reporters’ questions. Wan Gang, from the perspective of reform, since 12th Five-Year, around the allocation of resources, planning management reform, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and talent evaluation, the central system to promote the reform of science and technology system, major initiatives have made breakthrough progress. Great changes have taken place in the allocation of science and technology resources in the whole society. R & D expenditure of the whole society is expected to reach 14300 yuan, of which enterprises spend more than 77%. The establishment of a first vote fund of scientific and technological achievements guide, 16 technology and financial integration pilot areas to increase science and technology loans to more than 1 trillion and 200 billion. The incentive and amplification effects of the innovative support policies such as tax reduction and R & D expenses deduction of high-tech enterprises are highlighted. Breaking the institutional barriers to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The revised "law" to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, in February last year to the National People’s Congress submitted, discussed by the people’s Congress in August, promulgated in October 1st, the results of decentralization of the right to dispose of income, to strengthen the incentive and perfect evaluation system, strengthen technology trading service, promote the achievement of information disclosure and other aspects to achieve a major breakthrough. Wan Gang introduced recently, the Ministry of science and technology is developing several provisions on the implementation of the transformation method, to transfer into the due diligence exemption, undergo entrepreneurship, technology market and technology achievements, service and other aspects make institutional arrangements to implement the transformation of scientific and technological achievements method. Wan Gang said that this policy will be released and implemented, which will greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of scientific research members to carry out the transfer of results. Talent development environment further optimized. The reform of academician system has been carried out in an orderly way and further returned to the essence of scholarship and honor. Talent plan such as thousand person plan, ten thousand person plan and so on powerfully promotes the high-end talented person to introduce and to train, in the past 5 years returned talented person to be more than 1 million 100 thousand, is in the first 30 years to return home the population 3 times. The rapid growth of young talents, become the main force of scientific research, great progress has been made in scientific research personnel of the younger, the use of talents, training and incentive mechanism of continuous improvement, and makes the best possible use of the emerging situation.

科技部:正制定实施科技成果转化法的若干规定-中新网   中新网2月24日电 科技部部长万钢今日介绍,科技部正在制定实施科技成果转化法的若干规定,对成果转移转化中的尽职免责、离岗创业、成果收益、技术市场和科技服务等方面作出制度安排,使科技成果转化法落到实处。   国务院新闻办公室今日举行发布会,科技部部长万钢介绍科技改革和创新发展有关情况,并答记者问。   万钢介绍,从改革方面看,“十二五”以来,围绕资源配置、计划管理改革、科技成果转化和人才评价等方面,中央系统推进科技体制改革,重大举措取得突破性进展。   ――全社会科技资源配置方式发生重大变化。全社会研发支出预计达到14300亿元,其中企业支出超过77%。科技成果转化引导基金设立首批创投子基金,16个科技和金融结合试点地区增加科技贷款超过1.2万亿。高新技术企业税收减免和研发费用加计扣除等创新支持政策的带动和放大效应正在凸显。   ――破除科技成果转化制度障碍。修订《促进科技成果转化法》,去年2月份向人大提交,8月份人大讨论通过,10月1日发布实施,在下放成果处置收益权、强化对人的激励、完善考核评价体系、加强技术交易服务、促进成果信息公开等方面实现重大突破。   万钢介绍,最近科技部正在制定实施成果转化法的若干规定,对成果转移转化中的尽职免责、离岗创业、成果收益、技术市场和科技服务等方面作出制度安排,使科技成果转化法落到实处。   万钢表示,这一政策即将发布实施,将极大激励科研成员开展成果转移转化的热情。   ――人才发展环境进一步优化。院士制度改革有序推进,进一步回归学术性、荣誉性本质。千人计划、万人计划等人才计划有力促进高端人才引进和培养,近5年回国人才超过110万,是前30年回国人数的3倍。青年人才快速成长,成为科研主力军和生力军,科研人员的年轻化取得很大进步,人才使用、培养和激励机制不断完善,人尽其才、才尽其用的局面正在形成。相关的主题文章:

Zhao Wei and his wife at a loss reduction aliying avoid holding 5% letter Phi red – Fujian ch visualboyadvance

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Zhao Wei and his wife at a loss reduction aliying   avoid holding 5% letter Phi red – Fujian channel: original title: Zhao Wei couple loss reduction aliying avoid holding 5% letter Phi red line in October 12th, according to the Hongkong stock exchange announcement, Zhao Wei and her husband in October 5 energy-saving matinee outside the holdings of 799 million 300 thousand shares of shares of Ali pictures. It is worth mentioning that the transfer price is 0.029 Hong Kong dollars lower than the buying price. All these years have to guess the sound. However, insiders in the "Securities Daily" reporter interviewed, said, because Zhao Wei couple is a public figure, as Ali pictures two shareholders need public property changes, not convenient, so Zhao Wei couples choose "loss" transfer. Zhao Wei "lose money" to reduce Ali pictures, in fact, this is not the first time Zhao Wei couple holdings Ali pictures. According to Wind data statistics, Zhao Wei couple in April 29, 2015 and April 30th for two consecutive days, with 3.9 Hong Kong dollar shares, the price of 256 million shares of Ali pictures holdings, accounting for 1.22% of the total share capital. Last time, Zhao Wei couple to reduce the price of the highest point in history and pictures of Ali shares of HK $4.4 per share compared difference of only HK $0.5, it can be said that the reduction of timing is very accurate. Therefore, Zhao Wei was once called "Buffett of the performing arts circle" by the media. However, some analysts pointed out to the Securities Daily reporters that the reduction was obviously different from the previous one. First of all, the reduction is not in the two market sell-off, so did not lead to significant changes in stock prices; secondly, the last Zhao Wei couple is successful profit, and the Zhao Wei is "loss reduction"". In December 20, 2014, Zhao Wei and his wife spent 3 billion 88 million Hong Kong dollars, with the average price of 1.6 Hong Kong shares, purchased more than 1 billion 930 million shares of Ali pictures, which is equivalent to 9.18% of Ali pictures equity, became the second largest shareholder of Ali pictures. And according to the announcement of the Hongkong stock exchange in October 12th, Zhao Wei and her husband Huang Jie in October 5th to reduce 799 million 300 thousand shares of Ali pictures stock, priced at HK $1.571 per share, the shareholding ratio from 8.14% to 4.97%, cash 1 billion 255 million 700 thousand Hong Kong dollars. In other words, the Zhao Wei couple reduced the price, lower than its average purchase price of HK $0.029 shares. Why do Zhao Wei and his wife "lose money" to reduce the identity of important shareholders? Is it bad money recently? In this regard, Ali pictures on the "Securities Daily" reporter said that this is the investor’s personal behavior, the company does not have more information to disclose. However, insiders speculated that Zhao Wei is due to the identity of the star couple, do not want to have too many foreign exposure, "on the one hand, the star as a public figure, is certainly in need of private space, not all hope, your are fully open; on the other hand, as shareholders holding more than 5%, the need for to the public shareholders, many dynamic and financial situations need to be released in a timely manner. And that makes a lot of things 赵薇夫妇亏本减持阿里影业 规避持股5%信披红线–福建频道–人民网 原标题:赵薇夫妇亏本减持阿里影业 规避持股5%信披红线    10月12日,据香港交易所公告披露,赵薇及其丈夫黄有龙于10月5日场外减持7.993亿股阿里影业股份。值得一提的是,转让价格比起买入价还低0.029港元 股。    各种猜测声音纷沓至来。不过,有业内人士在接受《证券日报》记者采访时表示,由于赵薇夫妇是公众人物,作为阿里影业二股东需要公开财物变动,并不方便,因此赵薇夫妇选择“亏本”转让。    赵薇“亏本”减持阿里影业    实际上,这不是赵薇夫妇第一次减持阿里影业。根据Wind数据统计,赵薇夫妇曾于2015年4月29日、4月30日连续两天,以3.9港元 股的价格,减持阿里影业公司股份2.56亿股,占公司总股本的1.22%。    上一次,赵薇夫妇的减持价格与阿里影业历史最高点4.4港元 股相比,每股相差仅0.5港元,可以说,减持时机拿捏的非常精准。因此,赵薇一度被媒体封为“演艺圈的女巴菲特”之称。    不过,有分析人士向《证券日报》记者指出,而此次减持明显与上一次不同。首先,此次减持并非在二级市场抛售,因此没有引发股价大幅变化;其次,上次赵薇夫妇是成功获利,而此次赵薇是“亏本减持”。    2014年12月20日,赵薇夫妇斥资30.88亿港元,以1.6港元 股的均价,购入逾19.3亿股阿里影业股份,彼时相当于阿里影业股权的9.18%,成为阿里影业第二大股东。    而根据10月12日香港交易所公告披露,赵薇及其丈夫黄有龙于10月5日场外减持7.993亿股阿里影业股份,每股作价1.571港元,持股比例由8.14%降至4.97%,套现12.557亿港元。    也就是说,赵薇夫妇此次减持价格,比其买入均价还低0.029港元 股。    重要股东明星身份尴尬    那么赵薇夫妇为什么要“亏本”减持呢?难道是最近很差钱?    对此,阿里影业方面对《证券日报》记者表示,这是投资者的个人行为,公司没有更多信息需要披露。    不过,有业内人士猜测,是由于赵薇夫妇明星的身份,不愿对外有太多曝光率,“一方面,明星作为公众人物,肯定是需要私人空间的,不希望自己的所有情况、动态都被悉数公开;另一方面,作为持股5%以上股东,需要对公众股东负责,很多动态和财务情况都需要及时公布。这也是使得很多明星,成为重要股东后面临两难的尴尬处境,因此,在娱乐圈内不少明星会找人代持股份。”    根据《上市公司信息披露管理办法》第三十条规定:发生可能对上市公司证券及其衍生品种交易价格产生较大影响的重大事件,投资者尚未得知时,上市公司应当立即披露,说明事件的起因、目前的状态和可能产生的影响。而重大事件包括:持有公司5%以上股份的股东或者实际控制人,其持有股份或者控制公司的情况发生较大变化。    同时,《上市公司信息披露管理办法》第四十六条规定:持有公司5%以上股份的股东或者实际控制人,其持有股份或者控制公司的情况发生较大变化,应当主动告知上市公司董事会,并配合上市公司履行信息披露义务;以及任一股东所持公司5%以上股份被质押、冻结、司法拍卖、托管、设定信托或者被依法限制表决权,应当主动告知上市公司董事会,并配合上市公司履行信息披露义务。    此外,《上市公司信息披露管理办法》第四十八条规定: 上市公司董事、监事、高级管理人员、持股5%以上的股东及其一致行动人、实际控制人应当及时向上市公司董事会报送上市公司关联人名单及关联关系的说明。上市公司应当履行关联交易的审议程序,并严格执行关联交易回避表决制度。交易各方不得通过隐瞒关联关系或者采取其他手段,规避上市公司的关联交易审议程序和信息披露义务。    也就是说,赵薇夫妇经过2015年减持后,仍然是阿里影业持股5%以上股东,仍有诸多信息需要披露。上述业内人士认为,因此,此次赵薇夫妇减持完成后,持股比例由8.14%降至4.97%,持股比例正好降至5%以下。(见习记者 谢若琳) (责编:陈蓝燕、张子剑)相关的主题文章:

The first big change before the nets with Jennings Is a big fan of fabrications 特命战队go busters

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Did the nets start with Jennings? Big fan: purely fabrications Van Gundy denied the piston and discuss Jennings nets trading sina sports news Beijing time on February 6th, according to Mlive reports, had reported that the Detroit pistons are basket and Broolyn talks, with Thaddeus young Blanton Jennings exchange. But the pistons coach and President Stan Van Gundy has said that this is purely nonsense. Does the piston want to send Jennings to the nets? A VanGandy think it is nonsense. In an interview with Nicks on Thursday night, local time, Van Gundy dismissed the earlier rumours that the nets were interested in Jennings. Earlier in the day, Sheridan Hoops famous journalist Chris – Sheridan has revealed that there is an unnamed source broke the news, saying that Jennings is likely to be transferred to the nets, in return, the latter will send yang to Detroit. "I have received today (General Manager) Geoff Bauer sent a message, which talked about some recent trends, but no mention of Broolyn or Blanton," Van Gundy said, "but, hey, this time of the year to see you guys up these rumors, see you though we know some of the reports we do not know, but the actual negotiations, will make me feel very funny. It’s so funny, so funny." Jennings missed the first 31 games of the season because of injury, and as early as last December, it was reported that more than one league team was interested in Jennings. First mentioned this season is always a bit weak and distressed Nicks, followed by the nets, the team starting point guard jallat – Jack knee season. "I read these reports and I find it very funny," said Van Gundy. "I read only one part of it, not all of it. I didn’t read too much of your stories about us, but I read all the rumors that circulated all over the United states. I don’t read it every day. I don’t have that much time, but I’ve been paying attention to it, and sometimes I’m looking at it. Your story has always been funny." Then he said: "in fact, you also know, 99.9% rumors finally cannot come true, this is mainly because the 98% rumors are you made, are making a mess." According to Sheridan, the nets are looking at Jennings because his contract expires at the end of this season, and his salary is $8 million 300 thousand this season. While the nets are likely to give up Jack (Season 6 million 300 thousand salary) or Sean Larkin (Season 1 million 500 thousand salary), the former contract for next season as part of the protection, the latter is the player option for next season. The 27 year old Yang Benji went to 50 games, averaging 15 points and 9 rebounds, with a hit rate of 50.8%. His contract expires in 2018, and player options are available in the 2018-10 season. Yang’s annual salary is 11 million 200 thousand this season. It all makes him look like a piston. But big Van Gundy still ignored it. "From the salary point of view, many players are suitable," he said. "As long as I look at the salary situation of our team, we can find a lot of suitable transactions. Of course, we)

篮网用首发大前换詹宁斯? 大范:纯属胡编乱造 大范甘迪否认活塞和篮网商讨詹宁斯交易   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月6日,据Mlive报道,此前有报道称底特律活塞正和布鲁克林篮网商谈,用赛迪斯-杨交换布兰顿-詹宁斯。但活塞主帅兼总裁斯坦-范甘迪却表示,这纯粹是瞎编乱造。   活塞想把詹宁斯送到篮网?大范甘迪认为这完全是瞎编乱造。   当地时间周四晚在迎战尼克斯赛前,大范甘迪在接受采访时,驳斥了此前有关篮网对詹宁斯感兴趣的流言。   当天早些时候,Sheridan Hoops知名记者克里斯-谢里丹曾透露,有一名不愿透露姓名的消息人士爆料,称詹宁斯很可能被换到篮网,作为回报,后者会把杨送到底特律。   “我今天收到了(总经理)杰夫-鲍尔发来的邮件,其中谈到了近期的一些动向,却只字未提布鲁克林或布兰顿,”大范甘迪说,“但是,嘿,每年这个时候看到你们这些家伙编造这些流言,看到你们煞有介事地报道一些所谓我们知道的,但实际我们并不知道的交易谈判,都会让我觉得很好笑。这真是太有趣,太可笑了。”   詹宁斯因伤缺席了本季前31场比赛,早在去年12月,就有报道称联盟多支球队对詹宁斯感兴趣。起初被提及的是本季始终为一号位薄弱而苦恼的尼克斯,随后是篮网,该队首发控卫贾莱特-杰克因膝伤赛季报销。   “我看过这些报道,觉得非常好笑,”大范甘迪说,“我只读了其中一部分,并非全部。我没有读太多你们关于我们的报道,但我读了所有在全美流传的流言。我也不是每天都读,我没那么多时间,但我一直在关注,偶尔也会看看。你们的报道一向很搞笑。”   他接着说:“你们其实也心知肚明,99.9%的流言最后都无法成真,这主要是因为98%的流言都是你们捏造的,都是瞎编乱造。”   据谢里丹报道,篮网看上詹宁斯是因为他的合同将在本季结束后到期,而本季他的年薪为830万美元。而篮网可能会放弃杰克(本季年薪630万)或肖恩-拉金(本季年薪150万),前者下赛季合同为部分保障,后者下赛季则是球员选项。而现年27岁的杨本季出战50场,场均得到15分9个篮板,命中率为50.8%。他的合同到2018年到期,2018-10赛季为球员选项。本季杨的年薪为1120万。这都使他看起来挺适合活塞。   但大范甘迪仍对此不屑一顾。“从薪资角度考虑,很多球员都是适合的,”他说,“我只要看一眼我们队的薪资状况,就能发现很多适合做的交易。当然,我们仍可能交易布兰顿,但我相信即使如此,我们也会首先和其他球队商谈的……但没关系,每年到这个时候都很有趣。(距交易截止日)还有3周时间呢,我相信今晚他们肯定还会编造些流言出来的,那读起来肯定很搞笑。”(魑魅)相关的主题文章:

Announcement of the Standing Committee of Gansu Provincial People’s Congress — Gansu channel people 嘿嘿taxi

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— announcement of the Standing Committee of the people’s Congress of Gansu province Gansu channel — original title: announcement of the Standing Committee of the people’s Congress of Gansu province (commissioning editor: Wang Wenjia, Jiao Long)

甘肃省人民代表大会常务委员会公告–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:甘肃省人民代表大会常务委员会公告 (责编:王文嘉、焦隆)相关的主题文章:

A few decades Cixi seventy took care of a hundred years old mother-in-law daughter-in-law

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A few decades Cixi seventy daughter-in-law took care of a hundred years old woman daughter-in-law took care of a hundred Cixi seventy year old mother Henghe sunjiajing village, since ancient times, filial piety is known, there are "a three child" reputation. Today, after the sun’s family, the family lived in such a house, Hu Hu, a daughter-in-law for decades, took good care of the old mother-in-law Gong Caiqin, with the interpretation of the essence of filial piety. The family atmosphere, their offspring also embody the inheritance of filial piety, filial love the old pro family tradition. After decades of caring for her mother-in-law, Hu Caiya was 77 years old and married when she was 18 years old. Her mother was now 102 years old. In the past 60 years, Hu has never been mixed with her mother-in-law at home, and she has been devoted to the affairs of her mother-in-law. These years, taking into account the old mother-in-law most afraid of lonely, kindness Caiya refused to let her son Hu to move, to live with her husband and mother-in-law. Get up early in the morning every day, she first wash her mother-in-law wash water, and then began to busy the day, buy food, laundry, cooking, after dinner, send her mother-in-law to bed. Although her body can also speak ideas more clearly, but considering Hu Caiya increasingly focus on advanced in age, some of the details of life care. The old man has no teeth, Hu Caiya would chop the meat a little peanut was broken, also in a pressure cooker cook for a while, try to let people eat comfortably; summer afraid her mother fan can not stand the wind is too fierce, with her fan fan; winter ready to give her mother-in-law hot feet, let her blood warm body…… Hu Caiya takes care of her mother-in-law. A few days ago, because her eyes go to mountain take a trip back after the car, the body is not very comfortable, Hu Caiya more carefully, afraid of her body broke down, sometimes wake up at night several times to cover the quilt, mother-in-law side of water, helping her on the toilet. "The weather turns cold, most afraid she has a cold, the older can not bear to toss."." Hu Caiya said. He does not care about filial piety by the villagers praise in the eyes of others, between the old general difficult, often produce contradiction. And for decades of hard care of her mother-in-law Hu Caiya, there is no problem, because the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will not happen to her. As the saying goes, "Pepsi filial piety" as the first, the elderly should actively take care of, rather than complain about what, so that the family will be harmonious, the family will be happy." Speaking of care for the elderly, Hu Caiya simply tell their own ideas. In sunjiajing village, about Caiya Hu take care of her mother, the villagers will be thumbs up, she is a good daughter-in-law full of filial piety. Villagers aunt said, she is busy every day, but there is no complaints, so good daughter-in-law where to find. Ms. Wang, who is standing by the side, also praised, these years, Hu eldest sister is good to her mother-in-law, and their neighbors all look in the eye. Good publicity should be made to let more people know such good daughters in law. Get along with most of his life, Hu and Gong Caiqin mother-in-law has been inseparable blood relatives. "All these years, my daughter-in-law is taking care of me, she is very good and filial piety, where can I find such a good daughter-in-law, I have a very comfortable.". Bin

数十年如一日 慈溪七旬儿媳悉心照顾百岁婆婆 慈溪七旬儿媳悉心照顾百岁婆婆   横河孙家境村,自古以来以孝道著称,也有“一门三孝子”的美称。现今,孙家境后大屋住着这样一户人家,儿媳胡彩亚几十年如一日,精心照料着年迈的婆婆龚彩琴,用行动诠释着孝的真谛。受家庭氛围熏陶,她们的后代也传承孝心,践行着孝老爱亲的家风。   数十年来如一日   照顾婆婆不言累   胡彩亚今年77岁,18岁时就结婚了,婆婆现在已有102岁。近60年来,胡彩亚在家中从未和婆婆拌过嘴,对婆婆的事非常上心,一直尽心操持。   这些年来,考虑到婆婆年纪大最怕冷清,胡彩亚拒绝了儿子让她搬去同住的好意,专心和婆婆、丈夫住在一起。每天一大早起床,她先给婆婆打好洗脸水,然后就开始一天的忙碌,买菜洗衣做饭,晚饭过后又送婆婆上床睡觉。   虽然婆婆身体还可以,说话思路也比较清晰,但考虑到年事已高,胡彩亚越发注重生活上的一些细节照顾。老人牙齿没有了,胡彩亚就把肉剁得碎一点,花生也在高压锅里多煮一会,尽量让老人吃得舒服;夏天怕婆婆吹电扇风力太猛受不了,就用蒲扇给她扇;冬天给婆婆准备好热水泡脚,让她活血暖身……胡彩亚对婆婆的照顾无微不至。   前几天,婆婆因为去浒山看眼睛坐了一趟车,回来后身体不是很舒服,胡彩亚就更加细心地照看,深怕她身体垮下去,有时候半夜起床好几次为婆婆盖被子、端水,扶她上厕所。“天气转凉了,最怕她有个伤风感冒的,年纪大了可受不得折腾。”胡彩亚说。   任劳任怨不计较   孝心受村民交口称赞   在他人眼里,婆媳之间一般比较难相处,矛盾也经常会产生。而对于数十年辛勤照顾婆婆的胡彩亚来说,这一切都不存在问题,因为婆媳矛盾不会在她身上发生。“俗话说百事孝为先,对老人应该积极去照顾,而不是去抱怨什么,这样家庭就会和睦,一家人才会过得开开心心。”说起对老人的照顾,胡彩亚朴实地说出了自己的想法。   在孙家境村,提起胡彩亚照顾婆婆的事,村民都会竖起大拇指,夸她是个充满孝心的好儿媳。村民童大妈说,她每天都很忙,却没有任何怨言,这么好的儿媳上哪儿找。站在一旁的村民王女士也夸奖,这些年来,胡大姐对婆婆的好,他们邻居都看在眼里。应该好好宣传宣传,让更多的人知道这样的好儿媳。   相处了大半辈子,胡彩亚与婆婆龚彩琴已是密不可分的血脉亲人。“这些年,都是儿媳在照顾我,她很好很孝顺,哪里能找得到这么好的儿媳妇啊,我过得很舒心。”对于儿媳的照顾,婆婆龚彩琴直夸,经常眯着眼睛乐呵呵地逢人就称赞。   胡彩亚的事迹上了村文化礼堂善行义举榜。孙家境村妇女主任陈根娣说,胡彩亚家是五好家庭户,她用实际行动诠释了中华儿女孝敬父母的美德,给他人树立了一个很好的榜样,村里为拥有这样一位好村民而感到骄傲。   行孝家风世代传   年轻晚辈也尽孝   如今,年近八旬的胡彩亚也有着“双重身份”,既是百岁婆婆的儿媳,也是两位儿媳的婆婆。在胡彩亚的言传身教下,她的两个儿媳妇也很孝敬老人,经常带着礼物前来看望婆婆和太婆,在家里帮忙做点家务,陪着她们看看电视聊聊天,有时还带着孙辈前来陪老人解闷,讲一些外面的新鲜事。一家五代聚在一起,和和睦睦。   “看到婆婆这么孝敬太婆,自己也被感染了,在家里也是这么教育自己孩子的。”胡彩亚的大儿媳岑女士说,毕竟每个人都会老,等我们自己老了,也希望后辈来照顾我们。二儿媳史女士则说,以前长辈照顾我们,现在他们年纪大了做不动了,轮到我们好好孝敬他们了。   晚辈的一份孝心,胡彩亚看在眼里,心里暖烘烘的。“婆婆常教我们做人要气量大、心态好,要好好对待他人。我自己也是这么教育后辈的,一定要孝敬老人。”胡彩亚说,希望自己身体也好一点,可以一直照顾婆婆,为晚辈做个好榜样,将这份孝心传递下去。-记者戎志虎通讯员胡斌相关的主题文章:

Is apple iphone7plus stocked enough Foxconn factory has suspended recruitment actv

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Is apple iPhone7 Plus stocked enough? Foxconn factory has suspended recruitment supply chain news, suggesting that iPhone 7 in the Christmas season sales will exceed expectations, that in the end can break the record of last year or even the year before? Foxconn, a major iPhone contractor, recently announced that it has suspended hiring in the Zhengzhou factory, which means that the factory’s iPhone7 assembly workers are already in place. Or, the current manpower is enough to deal with iPhone 7 shipments at christmas. In October this year, Foxconn is still in the expansion of workers, when recruitment is shown 3 months probation period salary 1900 yuan, up to fourth months at the base salary after 2100 yuan, overtime from Monday to Friday, 1.5 times, 2 times and 3 times on weekends, holidays, Zhengzhou Foxconn pay about RMB 3800 to 4500 yuan. In the iPhone 7 before the release of Foxconn, in order to make a new mobile phone is still in the factory launched incentive programs. For example, if employees successfully recommend a new person to join the assembly team, will receive a maximum of 1400 yuan each reward. Foxconn believes that recommending new people to join the team can play the role of "cohesion centripetal force". Of course, Foxconn may also reduce hiring because of the massive deployment of robots. At the beginning of last month, Taiwan media reported that Foxconn internal department of its factory in the "Foxbot" robot smoothly, the number of these robots is expected to have reached 40 thousand (only China mainland). The report also said that the Foxconn Foxbot robot was deployed mainly in the company’s factories in Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Kunshan and Jiashan. Foxconn says that the company will produce about ten thousand robots every year, and each robot may replace a worker. It is understood that, only in the Kunshan factory, Foxconn has laid off about 60 thousand people. (Wei Feng Network)

苹果iPhone7 Plus备货充裕?富士康工厂已暂停招工供应链的消息在暗示iPhone 7在今年圣诞季的销量会“超出预期”,那到底能不能打破去年甚至是前年的纪录呢?iPhone主要代工厂商富士康近日宣布,他们已经暂停郑州工厂的招工项目,这也就意味着该工厂为苹果准备的iPhone7组装工人已经储备到位。又或者说,目前的人力已经足够应付iPhone 7在圣诞节的出货工作。富士康在今年10月份仍在扩招工人,当时招聘启示显示的是3个月试用期底薪人民币1900元,第4个月起转正职后底薪人民币2100元,加班费周一至周五1.5倍,周末2倍,节假日3倍,郑州富士康月综合工资约人民币3800到4500元。而在iPhone 7发布之前,富士康为了赶制新手机还在工厂内推出过奖励方案。比如,如果员工成功推荐新人加入组装团队,将会获得最高1400元 每位的奖励。富士康方面认为,推荐新人加入团队可以起到“凝聚向心力”的作用。当然了,富士康减少招工也有可能是因为机器人的大量部署。上月初,台湾媒体曾报道称富士康在其工厂内部署“Foxbot”机器人进展顺利,这些机器人的数量预计已达到4万(仅指中国大陆地区)。报道还表示,富士康“Foxbot”机器人的部署主要是在该公司设于郑州、成都、昆山以及嘉善的工厂。富士康方面表示,目前该公司每年会生产大约一万台机器人(机械臂),而每一台机器人都有可能会取代一名工人。据了解,仅在昆山工厂,富士康已经裁员了大约6万人。(威锋网)相关的主题文章:

In order to buy a house has been divorced 2 times married 3 times in Tianjin the three people togeth www.b

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In order to buy a house has been divorced 2 times married 3 times in Tianjin the three people fight a couple only one suite, even if there is no money, one after two divorces and two marriages, the whole family can "wolf" to buy second suites, not only to avoid the purchase of credit limit, but also in the next few years the mortgage for the month set out. "Eat melon masses" don’t be surprised, this is a true story. Case: This is true in order to protect the privacy of the parties, the following were told by letters instead of. Mr. A and MS. B are husband and wife in Tianjin near Gulou a well-known real estate, 5 years before the loan to buy a set of more than 70 square meters alone, after the beginning of the year and the loan, repaid all loans, the original 1 million buy, the current market price of about 3 million. In March this year, housing prices rose two, the couple want to buy a house near, but no down payment, in the "sensible" under the guidance of the tour began to toss, mainly divided into four steps: the first step: Mr. A and MS. B divorce, the house owned by Mr. A holds, Ms. B wiped out households, then the divorce card shows that Mr. A and MS. B "divorced". The second step: Ms. B and Mr. C, her husband bridge "first marriage to divorce, the divorce certificate shows Mr C and MS B, MS B," divorced "and" husband "Mr. A, completely disassociate in various materials in the relationship, no longer reflect Mr. A’s divorce certificate name, to avoid the question bank in the mortgage application when the. The third step: Ms. B borrowed Shoufu and taxes about 700 thousand, from the "husband" Mr. A there to 2 down payment, the loan to buy the original housing; at the same time, "the young former husband" Mr. A, the district also bought a value of 5 million of the two rooms one hall, and agreed to pay 2 months later shoufu. The fourth step: Ms. B to complete the transfer procedures, 20% down payment loans purchased Yishiyiting original property; Mr. A got 3 million sell 1629, pay 1 million to 20% Shoufu, Shoufu loans purchased two bedroom houses, Mr. A and MS. B to remarry. After tossing, Mr. A and MS. B’s two sets of real estate, the total market capitalization of about 8000000, after pay off the loan 700 thousand, remaining about 1200000 in cash, two months for a total of more than 30 thousand suites, about 1200000 at least 3 years can guarantee the mortgage for the month. Alert: the risk is not small. In fact, this case is not a new thing, in the purchase of credit limit and other city more stringent, "false marriage" such measures have already been used. A bank customer manager told reporters that this year has encountered many such mortgage applications, from the angle of mortgage approval, all the formalities at least look compliance, and there is no reason to refuse, had to sigh, "master in folk". In the past, the more common is the divorce, one single, you can enjoy the first treatment, with 20% down payment buyers. But want to buy their own home real estate, husband and wife one can only find a "bridge husband" or "wife bridge" first married and divorced, the original spouse relationship information "top out". The reporter consulted a second-hand housing agency, property consultant Mr. Wen said, not every couple are suitable!

为了买房先后离婚2次结婚3次 天津这仨人拼了   夫妻只有一套房,就算家里没有钱,其中一个人经过两次离婚和两次结婚,全家就可以“空手套白狼”买第二套房,不仅躲开限购限贷,而且还把未来几年房贷的月供“套”出来。   “吃瓜群众”不要惊讶,这是真事儿。   案例:这是真事   为了保护当事人隐私,以下讲述由字母代替。   A先生和B女士是夫妻,在位于天津市鼓楼附近某知名楼盘,5年前贷款购买了一套面积70多平方米的独单,经过省吃俭用还贷,今年年初还清全部贷款,当初100万买的,目前市场价约300万。   今年3月起,房价上涨,夫妻二人想再买一套附近的房子,但是根本没有首付款,在“明白人”的指点下,开始了折腾之旅,主要分四步:   第一步:A先生和B女士离婚,房子归A先生持有,B女士净身出户,此时离婚证显示A先生和B女士“离异”。   第二步:B女士和“过桥丈夫”C先生,先结婚再离婚,此时离婚证显示C先生和B女士“离异”,B女士和“原老公”A先生,在各类材料中彻底撇清关系,离婚证不再体现A先生的名字,规避在房贷申请时银行的质疑。   第三步:B女士借来首付和税费约70万,从“原老公”A先生那里以2成首付,贷款购买原住房;同时,“原老公”A先生交了定金,买该小区另外一套价值500万的两室一厅,并约定2个月之后交首付。   第四步:B女士完成过户手续,二成首付贷款购得一室一厅原房产;A先生拿到300万卖房款,交了100万首付,以二成首付贷款购得二室一厅新房,A先生和B女士复婚。   经过一番折腾,A先生和B女士名下的两套房产,市值总计800多万,经过还清借款70万,剩余了120多万现金,两套房月供总计3万多,120多万至少能保障3年房贷月供。   警惕:风险不小   其实,这样的案例并非新鲜事儿,在限购限贷更严的其他城市,“假结婚”这样的操作办法早已使用。某银行客户经理告诉记者,今年已经遇到多个这样的房贷申请,从房贷审批的角度,所有手续至少看起来是合规,并没有理由拒绝,不得不感慨,“高手在民间”。   以往,比较常见的是夫妻离婚,其中一个人恢复单身,就能享受首套待遇,以二成首付购房。但是要买回自己家的房产,夫妻其中的一个人只能再找“过桥丈夫”或“过桥妻子”经历先结婚再离婚,把原配偶关系信息“顶出去”。   记者就此咨询某二手房中介机构,置业顾问温先生表示,并非每对儿夫妻都适合这样做,此类操作有前提,一是两个人征信记录中的配偶一栏,不能有任何具体信息,不然就算有离婚证也会露馅儿;二是要找的“过桥丈夫”或“过桥妻子”必须是信得过的熟人,万一结完不离就麻烦了!   一位不愿具名的本市某银行风控主管表示,在房价上涨的过程中,该办法的本质就是继续加杠杆,增加楼市泡沫风险,其本质就是骗贷,银行有权提前要求清贷。但是另外一位客户经理表示,即使明知如此,也会进件儿,房贷对于银行是优质资产,而且客户经理也是按任务量拿绩效奖金。   对于这样的购房者,律师许健提醒,法律风险主要有两个,一是离婚环节,与原配偶离婚,带着房子“跑路”的案例并不少;二是找别人结婚环节,只要结婚双方就要承担法律责任,万一对方反悔不肯离婚,就算之前做过约定,也可能陷入离婚纠纷,   看来,感情禁得住考验,不仅要敢爱敢恨,还要敢结敢离敢买房,哪里有政策,哪里就有对策,虽然“聪明人”有办法,但是冷暖自知、风险自担!相关的主题文章:

Penguin mother test are you a middle or two disease patient beself

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Penguin mother test: are you a middle or two disease patient? Hello, good afternoon, Penguin mother, the test time is coming again! "Two diseases" has always been the theme of prosperity in animation, then you have thought about "I will not be a two disease" this problem? Although the "two people are not in vain", but think carefully, two of the time is still quite ashamed. So, are you a middle or two disease patient? Now, follow the penguin mother and do the test! Of course, you have to answer the question honestly. – well, the test begins! 1., you will often have a special smart, especially strong feeling? Yes, I think I’m super. – 2, a little bit, everybody feels like you’re unique – turn 3 no, I always feel like I’m a little bit smart enough – turn 42., what do you think about "middle two disease"? The person who feels the middle two disease is a little cute – 3, maybe he forgets to take the medicine every day To turn 4, there’s nothing special about it. It’s a little bit more personal – turn 53., what kind of super power do you want? Wake up, it’s almost light – turn 4, that’s too much, and ask silently, "can I have more?" – around 5 is probably reading it, more practical, whenever I turn 64. goofy, which of the following do you fear the most? Loved by the people see, probably only a lifetime of single dog, right? To turn 5 to be known, shame, definitely Black History – turn 6 does not matter, who did not make stupid? Do you fancy yourself — turn 75. people? For example, you have the ability to be super, but only sealed? In a world of fantasy, I am God, you do not kneel? – turn 6 No, I’m a realistic person – turn 7, only a few times fantasy, also make yourself cool – turn 86., if your friend is in two patients, you will be apart from him? Yes, I feel so ashamed, and I guess I can’t get into his world – turn 7 into a friend, and I’ll try to get him to graduate from two of his illness – turn 8 No, why should such an interesting person stay away from him? 97., when you think about your own folly, even after a long time, you still feel very ashamed Yes, really can not wait to beat to death at the time of their own — 8 OK, after all the past too long also gradually do not care much about — 9 since it has been gone for so long, no shame ah – around 108. in order to prevent the destruction of the world, you will implement love and true evil the? Xiao Bian, you see more in the Pocket Monster! Turn 9. What does that mean? I don’t understand it Turning 10, we are the shuttle rockets in the galaxy! White hole, white is waiting for us tomorrow! Turn 119.. Do you believe there are aliens in the world? You don’t believe me. You can let aliens stand in front of me and let me see 10 universe is so big, I want to go and have to believe it! Turn 11, I haven’t seen it, so I don’t believe it. Turn 1210. Xiaoming, pick up a purse today, and open it. What’s inside? One leads to the unknown

企鹅娘测试:你是一个中二病患者吗? 哈罗,大家下午好,企鹅娘测试时间又到啦!“中二病”一直是动漫中长盛不衰的题材,那么,你有没有想过“我会不会是一个中二病”这种问题呢?虽说“人不中二枉少年”,但仔细想想中二的时候还是挺羞耻的。那么,你是不是一个中二病患者呢?现在就跟着企鹅娘一起来做做测试吧!当然啦,你们要诚实地回答问题哦~ 下面,测试开始!1.你会不会时常有种自己特别聪明,特别厉害的感觉?有啊,我觉得我自己超级厉害诶——转2有点吧,每个人都觉得自己是独一无二的啊——转3没有,我时常觉得自己都有点智商不够用——转42.你对于“中二病”有什么样的看法?觉得得了中二病的人有点可爱——转3大概他每天都忘记吃药了吧?——转4没什么特别的看法,就是个性突出一点——转53.你想要拥有哪一种超能力?醒醒吧,天快亮了——转4那简直太多了,默默问一句:我可以多要几种吗?——转5大概是读心术吧,比较实用——转6 4.每当自己犯蠢的时候,你最害怕以下哪种情况?被喜欢的人看见,大概也只能做一辈子的单身狗了吧?——转5被认识的人看见,太羞耻了,肯定又是黑历史——转6无所谓,谁没犯过蠢呢?——转75.你幻想过自己的人设吗?比如说自己本来是有超能力的,只不过被封印了?在幻想的世界里,我就是神,尔等还不跪下?——转6没有,我是一个比较现实的人——转7只有很少的时候幻想过,也就自己爽一爽——转86.如果你的朋友是中二病患者,你会和他拉开距离吗?会,我觉得太羞耻了,而且我估计也不能进入他的世界——转7做为一个朋友,我会努力让他从中二病毕业的——转8不会,这么一个有趣的人为什么要远离他呢?——转9 7.每当想起自己做的蠢事时,就算时隔已久也还是觉得非常羞耻?是的,真是恨不得揍死当时的自己——转8还好吧,毕竟过去了太久了也就渐渐不那么在意了——转9既然已经过去了那么久,完全就不会羞耻了啊——转108.为了防止世界被破坏,你会贯彻爱与真实的邪恶吗?小编你《宠物小精灵》看多了吧!——转9这是什么意思我没看懂?——转10我们就是穿梭在银河的火箭队!白洞,白色的明天等着我们!——转119.你相信世界上有外星人吗?才不信呢,有本事你让外星人站在我面前让我看看?——转10宇宙这么大,我想去看看,必须相信啊!——转11我没有看见过,所以不大相信——转12 10.小明今天白捡了个钱包,打开一看,里面竟然是?一张通往未知世界的卡片,触摸式,一碰到就会被异世界强行召唤——转11里面啥也没有,别看了,回家吃土去——转12好大一叠钱!妈妈我发财啦!——转1311.如果有一天,神说要给你一个特殊的任务,这个任务只能你来完成,你会接受吗?我要看看情况,有好处费吗?——转12绝对接受啊,难道是拯救世界的任务?我要成为救世主了吗?——转13不接受啊,我好好的日子不过,去干可能要死的活儿,万一我只是炮灰呢?——转1412.你十分在意周围人对你的评价和看法吗?有一点吧,不过我更加在意比较亲近一点儿的人的看法,其他的路人倒是无所谓——转13是的,我很在意别人的想法,也不愿意看见有人误解我——转14不是,我干啥要在意别人的看法啊?自己开心就好——转1513.脑洞大开的时候,自己都觉得有点受不了,但还是感觉挺爽的?是的,我就是传说中的脑洞大王,怎么补也补不完——转14不是,我只是有些时候会脑洞,但也不会太过分——【类型C】14.你会因为迁就别人从而做一些自己并不怎么擅长的事情吗?会迁就,没办法啦,我有点不懂得拒绝别人——【类型D】看情况吧,我可不是随便什么人都要迁就的——转1515.现在叫你在人群聚集的地方大吼三声“我是宇宙之王”,你能做到吗?能,这简直就不是事儿——【类型A】不能,这也太羞耻了吧?没人的时候倒是可以考虑考虑——【类型B】【类型A】:中二病重度患者 代表人物:冈部伦太郎——《命运石之门》 说到中二病,那就不得不提到冈部伦太郎的大名,“凤凰院凶真”是他的另一个名字。总之,他绝对是中二病中的领头羊,世界都为之颤抖。所以说,少年你既然选到了这个选项,那么恭喜你,你就是一个中二病! 有时候你会想,这个世界好无聊啊,还不如毁灭了比较好。但又常常觉得没准儿自己真的有特异功能,如果一个人在家你可能还会试一试发动神功什么的。平常的言行举止也充满了与别人不一样的氛围,没错,你就是救世主,光明,在那世界线的另一方!加油吧!少年!【类型B】:偶尔中二的轻度患者 代表人物:土方十四郎——《银魂》 喜欢土方的少年少女们,大概会对“宅十四”念念不忘吧,毕竟他实在太突破人们的下限,也成功把土方恶搞了个遍。但我们仔细想想,其实有很多时候人都是不知不觉就中二了,比如偶尔会觉得外星人会来劫持自己,或者幻想大爆炸最后只有你一个人活下来。 当然这种情况还是很少的,毕竟你是一个正常的BOY或者GIRL,而且作为一个正常人,这样的幻想场景也是绝对说不出口的羞耻PLAY。保持着人类特有羞耻感的你们,虽然偶尔中二中二,但也不是什么大不了的事情,生活有时候也需要调剂调剂不是吗?【类型C】:前中二患者,恭喜毕业! 代表人物:富樫勇太——《中二病也要谈恋爱!》 以前的事情咱们就不提了,不然会觉得很羞耻。就像勇太一样,虽然以前是中二病患者,并且拥有一些不怎么美好的记忆,但那都是过去的事情了嘛。我们是要向前看的,所以说,企鹅娘就在这里恭喜少年少女们啦~毕业愉快! 你大概是属于那种中二时期有些叛逆的少年少女,但现在回想起来,一方面会觉得以前的自己太傻有些不忍直视,另一方面还会觉得那个时候的自己虽然中二,但是还是很快乐的。但在本质上,你现在对于“中二病”还是有点羞于启齿。不过中二的时光一去不复返,大家且行且珍惜哦。【类型D】:你绝对不是中二病! 代表人物:夏目贵志——《夏目友人帐》 夏目一直都是一个比较暖心的BOY,所以说他这样性格的人就算是中二大概也没有什么表现吧?顶多就是老好人热心肠,也根本说不出来类似于“我的麒麟臂又要发作了”,又或者“我的能力难道马上就要觉醒了”之类的话。 因此,既然少年少女们选中了这个选项,在某种程度上来说你完全不用担心自己会成为中二病患者,毕竟你是一个比较在意周围人想法的人。别人所不能接受的事情和比较羞耻的事情,你也是羞于去做的。时常考虑他人感受也是你的日常之一,但不要过于乐于助人哟~还是要时常多关心自己。点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品【版权声明:本文是腾讯动漫独家稿件,未经授权,不得转载,否则将追究法律责任。】相关的主题文章:

Indiscriminate open high beam violation driver fined 1 minutes to see the lights 6 into netizens agr ca1806

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Indiscriminate beam illegal drivers fined 1 minutes to see the lights 6 percent of users agree according to the Chinese voice of "peak Evening News" reported that last night, Shenzhen police "/" rectification indiscriminate beam behavior. Shenzhen police official release from micro-blog pictures, checked to indiscriminate beam owners need to sit in a "green chair", experience by light irradiation in a minute. In addition to experience indiscriminate beam headlights, the owners will be fined 300 yuan and deducted 1 points. The move sparked heated online debate, some voices questioned, let the owners on the light punishment is harmful to health, not to "violence"; some netizens believe that after the experience, the owners will not be indiscriminate beam, recommended to the country. In this regard, how do you see? For the treatment of indiscriminate beam behavior, you have what good advice? Netizen: @Sword-unsheathing: it’s been a long time coming. But what such punishment is harmful to health, not violence. As long as the experience is all the way light is shone, eyes couldn’t see the road ahead, you will think: This is not a punishment. Because many people do a dumb understand, only drive yourself can see the road ahead! As for the opposite to the car in front of the car, can not see clearly, they are not to regard it as right. @ little little: see someone comments "so stare, hurt the eyes" comments I Oh, first you hit the headlights, sometimes will harm others for a lifetime, you are sitting there to see a minute to have much loss? Secondly, to sit there and look at the mess is open far, innocent? Also, please have compassion for who is illegal prior to the people, do not deserve sympathy. The results of the survey: more than 60% of the netizens agree governance light: micro-blog users @ 8862: Mr. K should give a minute one minute low beam, high beam, and a minute near light flash cross, and then write a look after feeling. Micro-blog users @ smile if a gust of wind: no way, to promote the formation of some strict laws and strict punishment of morality. Micro-blog users @ from no beer barbecue noodles edamame live: now is the most effective way of punishment, penalty to you fear, with penalties for drunk driving, certainly not enough to rely on education. Micro-blog users @ Sword: it’s been a long time coming. But what such punishment is harmful to health, it is not violence with violence, most have not experienced all the way light is shone, eyes couldn’t see the road ahead…… Some netizens said that doing so is outside the law punishment suspect: micro-blog users @ a river wide wave: "strongly opposed to illegal ways" punishment "illegal behavior"! China’s "road traffic safety law" the relevant provisions are very clear, and not as the case of "experiential punishment" provisions. The people did not have any privilege beyond the law. The traffic police enforcement must also "the law", "absolutely not to a is a". Micro-blog users @ Guanglu Ann: this approach is rather than harm to indiscriminate beam drivers experience the light, as it is almost cruel this way to punish the driver, because the beam damage on the human body even three years old kid knows. There are many ways to punish the driver,.

乱开远光灯违规司机被罚看灯1分钟 6成网友赞同据中国之声《新闻晚高峰》报道,昨晚,深圳交警出“大招”整治乱开远光灯行为。从深圳交警官方微博发布的图片看,被查到乱开远光灯的车主需要坐到一把“绿椅子”上,体验被远光灯照射一分钟。除了体验远光灯之外,乱开远光灯的车主还会被罚300元并扣1分。此举引发网络热议,有声音质疑,让车主对视强光有害健康,处罚不能以“以暴制暴”;还有网友相信,在经过亲身体验之后,车主就不会乱开远光灯了,建议推广到全国。对此,你怎么看?对于治理乱开远光灯行为,您还有哪些好建议?网友留言:@Sword-unsheathing:早就该这样了。——别说什么这样的处罚有害健康,不能以暴制暴。只要体验一下一路上都是远光灯、眼睛被照得完全看不清前方路的情况,你就觉得:这个处罚并不为过了。因为很多人的确装着明白装糊涂,只顾着自己开车能看见眼前的路啊!至于前面的车、对面来的车能不能看清楚,他们根本不以为然。@小小小小:看到有人评论“这么盯着看,伤眼睛”的评论我就呵呵了,首先你打远光灯,有时会害别人一辈子,你原地坐那里看一分钟能有多大损失?其次,能坐在那看的都是乱开远光的,无辜吗?还有,请大家把怜悯之心留给值得的人,违法违规在先的人,不值得同情。调查结果:超过六成的网友赞同治理远光灯:微博网友@ k先生8862:应该给个一分钟近光灯,一分钟远光灯,再送一分钟近远光灯互闪,然后罚写一份看后感。微博网友@ 微笑如若一阵风:没办法的办法,要用严法严罚促进一些道德的形成。微博网友@ 离了烤肉啤酒毛豆就没法活的面条:现在最有效的办法就是处罚,罚到你怕,跟处罚酒驾一样,光靠教育肯定不够。微博网友@ Sword:早就该这样了。——别说什么这样的处罚有害健康,不能以暴制暴,那多数是没有体验过一路上都是远光灯、眼睛被照得完全看不清前方路的情况……也有部分网友表示这么做有法外处罚的嫌疑:微博网友@ 一条大河波浪宽:强烈反对“以违法的方式”处罚“违法的行为”!我国《道路交通安全法》的相关规定十分清楚明确,并没有像本案“体验式处罚”的条文。任何人没有超越法律的特权。交警执法同样必须“有法可依”,万万不能“想一出是一出”。微博网友@ 安广禄:这种办法与其说是让乱开远光灯的司机体验远光灯的危害,不如说是用这种近乎残酷的办法来惩罚司机,因为远光灯对人体的危害连三岁小孩都知道。惩罚司机的办法有多种,为什么非要采取这种对人体是有伤害的办法?微博网友@ 河小海:支持加大惩罚力度 扣分罚款都可以 但不支持这种看远光灯的行为,对视力会有影响的。相关的主题文章:

Chongqing original Party committee, deputy general manager Dong Ronghua accept organization survey coinwatch

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Chongqing original Party committee, deputy general manager Dong Ronghua accept organization survey Hualong network November 25th 17 newsletter (reporter Zhang Yiwen) reporters today (25) days from the Chongqing Municipal Commission for discipline inspection official website "wind is Bayu network learned Chongqing iron and steel (Group) former Party committee, deputy general manager, chief engineer of the limited liability company Dong Ronghua alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. Dong Ronghua resume Dong Ronghua, male, Han nationality, born in September 1952, Sichuan Leshan people, joined the Communist Party in March 1969 February 1985 China, to participate in the work of University culture. 1969.03 – and 1971.01 Ziyang County in Sichuan province 1971.01 – 1972.03 Chongqing youth commune; Steel Corp second steel plant workers; 1972.03 – 1975.09 learning Machinery Department of Kunming Institute of technology; 1975.09 – 1984.09 Chongqing Steel Corp second steelworkses technician; 1984.09 – 1987.06 Chongqing second steel plant, Steel Corp chief motor branch chief design and equipment section long; 1987.06 – 1991.10 Chongqing sixth steel plant of Steel Corp deputy director; 1991.10 – 1994.08 Chongqing seventh steel plant of Steel Corp deputy director; 1994.08 – 1997.08 Chongqing Steel Corp seventh steelworks of Chongqing Hengda steel factory director, general manager of Limited by Share Ltd; 1997.08 – 2001.05 deputy general manager of Chongqing iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd; 2001.05 – 2006.02 Chongqing Iron & Steel (Group) Party committee, deputy general manager of limited liability company; 2006.02 – 2013.09 Chongqing Iron & Steel (Group) limited liability company Party committee, deputy general manager, chief engineer; 2013.09 – retired.

重钢原党委常委、副总经理董荣华接受组织调查   华龙网11月25日17时讯(记者 张译文)记者今(25)日从重庆市纪委官方网站“风正巴渝网”获悉,重庆钢铁(集团)有限责任公司原党委常委、副总经理、总工程师董荣华涉嫌严重违纪,目前正接受组织调查。   董荣华简历   董荣华,男,汉族,1952年9月出生,四川乐山人,1985年2月加入中国共产党, 1969年3月参加工作,大学文化。   1969.03―1971.01 四川省资阳县中和公社知青;   1971.01―1972.03 重庆钢铁公司第二炼钢厂职工;   1972.03―1975.09 昆明工学院机械系学习;   1975.09―1984.09 重庆钢铁公司第二炼钢厂技术员;   1984.09―1987.06 重庆钢铁公司第二炼钢厂机动科科长、设检科科长兼设备工段段长;   1987.06―1991.10 重庆钢铁公司第六炼钢厂副厂长;   1991.10―1994.08 重庆钢铁公司第七炼钢厂副厂长;   1994.08―1997.08 重庆钢铁公司第七炼钢厂厂长、重庆恒达钢业股份有限公司总经理;   1997.08―2001.05 重庆钢铁股份有限公司副总经理;   2001.05―2006.02 重庆钢铁(集团)有限责任公司党委常委、副总经理;   2006.02―2013.09 重庆钢铁(集团)有限责任公司党委常委、副总经理、总工程师;   2013.09― 退休。相关的主题文章:

Mid autumn travel destination ranked eighth in Xi’an, a total of 2 million 440 thousand visitors

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The Mid Autumn Festival travel destinations ranked Xi’an eighth, a total of 2 million 440 thousand tourists trips just past the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, "two NPC and CPPCC" held, Zheng Xu high-speed railway and other favorable factors, and during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Xi’an weather, suitable for tourists to travel, Xi’an City, a total of 2 million 443 thousand and 500 tourists trips. In addition, according to the 2016 release of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday travel with the way tourism trends "report", Sanya, Xiamen, Xi’an and Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao city to the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival domestic long-term travel popular travel destination TOP10 eighth, as domestic and foreign tourists to hasten if the popular tourist city duck. During the festival, the main tourist spots in Xi’an city continued to grow. The Museum of Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum of 58933 tourists, an increase of 19.48%; China Palace scenic tourists 37116 passengers, an increase of 89.27%; the Shaanxi History Museum received 30644 visitors, an increase of 53.7%; the Xi’an wild zoo in Qinling Mountains tourists 28329 passengers, an increase of 45.5%; the scenic tourists 28128 passengers; Lantian Tangyu resort tourists 95894 passengers an increase of 7.23%. In addition, the new scenic area and the characteristics of open street popularity diminished, with rich festivals and folk performances but also gather a lot of popularity. The newly built Lantian village folk village and plain film base 3 days a total of 352 thousand tourists, accounting for the county received a total of 54.2%. Newspaper reporter Wang Jin

中秋出游目的地排名西安第8 共接待游客244万人次   刚刚过去的中秋小长假,受“两节两会”的举行、郑徐高铁开通等利好因素影响,加之中秋假日期间西安天气晴好,适宜市民游客出行,西安全市共接待游客244.35万人次。   此外,据同程旅游发布的《2016年中秋小长假出游趋势报告》,西安更与三亚、厦门、北京、上海、青岛等城市同入2016中秋节前后国内长线游热门出游目的地TOP10第八名,成为国内外游客趋之若鹜的旅游热门城市。   节日期间,西安市主要景区接待游客持续增长。秦始皇帝陵博物院接待游客58933人次,同比增长19.48%;华清宫景区接待游客37116人次,同比增长89.27%;陕西历史博物馆接待30644人次,同比增长53.7%;西安秦岭野生动物园接待游客28329人次,同比增长45.5%;城墙景区接待游客28128人次;蓝田汤峪旅游度假区接待游客95894人次,同比增长7.23%。   此外,新建景区及特色开放式街区人气不减,以丰富的节庆活动和民俗表演更聚拢了大量人气。新建成的蓝田白鹿原民俗村和白鹿原影视基地3天累计接待游客35.2万人次,占全县接待总量的54.2%。本报记者王瑾相关的主题文章:

Lanzhou Railway Bureau of the eleven golden week passenger number double record high – Gansu channel hypersnap-dx

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Lanzhou Railway Bureau "11" golden week passenger number double record high – Channel – 10, Jan 8 (Du Yuxin Liu Haitian), a reporter from the Department of Lanzhou Railway Bureau passenger: "11" National Day holiday, Lanzhou Railway Bureau has sent passengers 173.9 million, an increase of 18.5 million. An increase of 11.9%. Among them, a total of 249 thousand and 900 passengers were sent in October 1st, an increase of 44 thousand and 100, an increase of 214 thousand people. During the "eleven" holiday, the total number of passengers sent and two passengers in October 1st sent a single day of data, both refresh the historical record, both hit a new high. This year "eleven" National Day holiday from September 28th to October 7th, a total of 10 days, passenger travel mainly to holiday tourism and visit short haul travelers, long-distance passenger traffic in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu direction, short haul passenger concentrated in Xi’an, Baoji, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Xining etc.. For the peak passenger flow during the response to the "eleven" National Day holiday, Lanzhou Railway Bureau to add Lanzhou to Shanghai direction 42474248 times, Lanzhou to Chengdu Y4067 4068 times Linke train 6, passenger trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu have reached full direction of large marshalling operation. EMU trains in Jiayuguan direction reconnection 2 groups, Urumqi direction reconnection 1 groups running every other day. Lanzhou, Yinchuan, TianShui Railway Station 222 self-service ticket machine all opened, 24 hours to fully meet the passengers purchase, pick up ticket demand. LanZhou Railway Station, "008" warm service desk, TianShui Railway Station "small horn" warm service desk 24 hours service, for the need of passengers to provide stretcher, wheelchair, booking waiting, early arrival and other diversified convenient service. Lanzhou, Yinchuan passenger section for different zones and different levels of passenger service, in order to "brand train" service characteristics for the lead, according to tourism elements, combined with the geographical features, history and culture, folk customs and passenger group level, careful planning and implementation of a car a bright point "service mode, let the passengers in the long journey appreciate, read a good book, a cup of tea, eat a delicious meal of the happy life, so that the majority of passengers will be able to feel a kind of high grade, high grade, intimacy and fresh service experience. (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)

兰州铁路局“十一”黄金周发送旅客数量双创历史新高–甘肃频道–人民网 人民网兰州10月8日电(杜昱欣 刘海天)记者从兰州铁路局客运部门获悉:“十一”国庆长假期间,兰州铁路局共发送旅客173.9万人,同比增加18.5万人,增幅11.9%。其中10月1日全局共发送旅客24.99万人,同比增加4.41万人,增幅21.4万人。“十一”长假期间发送旅客总量和10月1日当天单日发送旅客量两个数据,都刷新了历史纪录,双双创出新高。 今年“十一”国庆长假从9月28日开始至10月7日,共计10天,出行客流主要以假日旅游、探亲访友长短途旅客为主,长途客流集中在北京、上海、广州、成都等方向,短途客流集中在西安、宝鸡、敦煌、嘉峪关、西宁等方向。 为应对“十一”国庆长假期间客流高峰,兰州铁路局加开兰州至上海方向4247 4248次、兰州至成都方向Y4067 4068次临客列车6列,客流较大的北京、上海、广州、成都方向列车均达到满编组运行。动车组列车嘉峪关方向重联2组、乌鲁木齐方向重联1组隔日运行。兰州、银川、天水火车站222台自助售票机全部开启,24小时全力满足旅客购、取票需求。兰州站“008”温馨服务台、天水站“小喇叭”温馨服务台24小时服务,为有需要的旅客提供担架、轮椅、预约候车、提前进站等多样化的便捷服务。 兰州、银川客运段针对不同区段、不同层次旅客的服务需求,以“品牌列车”服务特色为引领,紧扣旅游元素、历史文化,结合地域特点、民族风情和旅客群体层次,精心策划和实施“一车一亮点”服务模式,让旅客在漫漫的旅途中,体味到读一本好书、品一杯清茶、吃一餐可口饭菜的惬意生活,让广大旅客进站上车就能感受到一种高档次、高品位、亲切感、新鲜感的服务体验。 (责编:高翔、周婉婷)相关的主题文章:

China experts found new molecular anti swine fever virus aapt.exe

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China experts found new anti CSFV molecular original title: Chinese experts found new anti swine fever virus molecular Xinhua news agency in Harbin on 25 February, (reporter Yan Rui) 25 reporters from the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was informed that the researchers found an anti HCV activity of interferon stimulated gene guanylate binding protein 1 ", and expounds its antiviral mechanism. Classical swine fever (CSFV) is a highly contagious porcine infectious disease, which has a rapid spread and a high mortality rate. It can bring billions of dollars to the pig industry in China every year. It is listed in the list of notifiable animal diseases by the world animal health organization. China is listed as one of the priority animal diseases in the national plan for the prevention and control of animal diseases in the medium and long term. According to the Institute of infectious diseases of swine Kazakhstan animal innovation team of Dr. Li Lianfeng introduction, interferon stimulated gene, is a kind of molecular effect make host antiviral effects, target invasion, shelling, virion release virus replication cycle link. Blocking one of the links can inhibit the virus’s survival in the body. The team’s research starts with this. In a number of candidate genes for interferon stimulated genes, the team screened through high-throughput screening, and ultimately confirmed that "guanine nucleotide binding protein 1" is the anti interferon gene of classical swine fever virus. Chou Huaji, chief scientist researcher team explained that the molecules exert antiviral effect mainly depends on the activity of GTPase, and it is using its own classical swine fever virus NS5A protein and interferon stimulated gene interaction, inhibit the activity of GTPase, and then interfere with the GTP binding protein 1 antiviral function. Experts say the findings help to understand the host antiviral mechanism and provide clues for revealing the possibility of CSFV escaping host antiviral strategies. Combined antiviral interferon stimulated gene research has important significance for the innovation of swine fever prevention and control strategies to provide a reference for the study of antiviral and Flaviviridae CSFV other members. The results have been published online in the International Journal of Virology Journal of Virology. Editor in chief: Zhang Chun SN182

中国专家发现新抗猪瘟病毒分子   原标题:中国专家发现新的抗猪瘟病毒分子   新华社哈尔滨2月25日电(记者闫睿) 记者25日从中国农业科学院哈尔滨兽医研究所获悉,该所研究人员发现了一个可抗猪瘟病毒活性的干扰素刺激基因“鸟苷酸结合蛋白1”,并阐明了其抗病毒机制。   猪瘟是一种高度接触性猪传染病,传播快、致死率高,每年给我国养猪业带来的损失可达数十亿元,被世界动物卫生组织列入须申报的动物疫病名录。我国在《国家中长期动物疫病防治规划》中将其列为优先防治的一类动物疫病。   据哈兽研所猪烈性传染病创新团队李连峰博士介绍,干扰素刺激基因,是使得宿主发挥抗病毒作用的一类效应分子,可靶向侵入、脱壳、病毒粒子释放等病毒复制周期环节。阻断其中某一环节,即可抑制病毒在机体内的存活。该团队的研究即以此入手。   在获得的多个干扰素刺激基因候选分子中,团队通过高通量筛选鉴定,最终证实“鸟苷酸结合蛋白1”为抗猪瘟病毒的干扰素刺激基因。   团队首席科学家仇华吉研究员解释说,该分子发挥抗病毒作用主要依赖其GTPase活性,而猪瘟病毒恰是利用自身NS5A蛋白与干扰素刺激基因相互作用,抑制后者的GTPase活性,进而干扰“鸟苷酸结合蛋白1”的抗病毒功能。   专家说,此发现有助于深入了解宿主抗病毒机理,也为揭示猪瘟病毒逃避宿主抗病毒策略提供了线索。结合抗病毒干扰素刺激基因开展研究,对创新猪瘟防控策略具有重要意义,并为猪瘟病毒所在黄病毒科其他成员的抗病毒研究提供了参考。   此研究结果已在国际著名病毒学杂志《Journal of Virology》上在线发表。 责任编辑:张淳 SN182相关的主题文章:

Xiamen during the national day will not appear heavy rainfall an invigorating autumn climate suitabl

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No heavy rainfall in Xiamen during the National Day travel to Xiamen for an invigorating autumn climate – Xiamen daily news (reporter correspondent Wang Yin Lei) typhoon "catfish" yesterday morning at 8 in the territory of Jiangxi weakened into a tropical depression, stop number. However, Xiamen was still affected by the typhoon wake yesterday. There was a continuous rainy weather and a short time heavy rainfall occurred in the evening. Tomorrow will enter the National Day holiday, the general public can relax a lot of mind and body? The city’s meteorological department forecast, long period of overall better weather, especially the weather is very suitable for travel during an invigorating autumn climate. During the National Day holiday, Xiamen will be affected by multiple cold air diffusion, and no strong rainfall will occur, and the temperature will not be too high. 1 days, 2 days, 4 days, affected by weak cold air and easterly airflow, there will be showers or thunderstorms. 3 to 5 days, overcast to cloudy weather mainly. 6 days, 7 days, a new weak cold air southward from Xiamen to the top, under the control of the subtropical high, the weather is fine, dry air. The National Day holiday, the eighteenth typhoon this year, "Chaba" will also come to Xiamen "trouble"? The meteorological department forecast, analysis of the atmospheric circulation situation at present, the impact of weather in Xiamen is not the eighteenth typhoon "Chaba" during the National Day this year, the direction it is on the coast of japan. However, "Siam hop path is still uncertain, but also need to pay close attention to. Yin Lei [day] view during the holiday, our city weather is generally good, the temperature is not too high, especially in the later period of the weather is an invigorating autumn climate suitable for travel.

厦门国庆期间不会出现强降雨 秋高气爽适合出游   厦门网-厦门日报讯 (记者 殷磊 通讯员 小王)台风“鲇鱼”昨天上午8时在江西境内减弱为热带低压,停止了编号。但厦门昨日仍受到台风尾流的影响,出现了持续的阴雨天气,傍晚还出现短时强降雨过程。明天就要进入国庆长假了,广大市民能否好好放松一下身心呢?我市气象部门预测,长假期间总体天气较好,特别是后期秋高气爽的天气非常适合出游。   国庆长假期间,厦门受多股冷空气扩散影响,不会出现较强的降雨,气温也不会太高。1日、2日、4日,受弱冷空气和偏东气流影响,会出现阵雨或雷阵雨天气。3日、5日以阴到多云天气为主。6日、7日,新的弱冷空气扩散南下,厦门高层转受副热带高压控制,天气晴好,空气干爽。   国庆假期,今年第18号台风“暹芭”会不会又来厦门“捣乱”?气象部门预测,就目前的大气环流形势分析,今年第18号台风“暹芭”国庆期间不会对厦门的天气造成影响,它前行的大方向是日本沿海。但是,“暹芭”的路径还存在不确定性,还需要密切关注。   [殷磊观天]   长假期间,我市天气总体较好,气温也不会太高,特别是后期秋高气爽的天气很适合出游。相关的主题文章:

In October 15th some help in Jimei running 2016 Jimei Metro fluorescent night

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Jimei Metro 2016 night run October 15th run power fluorescent "Jimei speed" garden Bo win car together with Fan Yichen "Le" Jimei Metro fluorescent night run, is a public participation, down to earth, recreational activities, is also the city of Xiamen, in addition to the size of the largest international marathon group run phenomenon. Recalling the first event last year, nearly 10000 runners from all over the country, into the city’s luminous body, with footsteps to measure the beauty of the new city, run with the feeling of the new city change. "2016 residential · lotus cup Jimei new city fluorescent night run" in addition to the original 5 km night run and the ultimate concert combination, in the scale of activities, track settings, interactive areas, concert lineup and other aspects of a strong upgrade. According to the introduction, the activities are divided into three parts: garden party, 5 km night run, and the ultimate concert, starting from 2 p.m. in Jimei new town civic square. The garden — in addition to ticket for the coolest luxury equipment outside the fancy, organizers carefully set up DIY graffiti area, interactive games area, approached the performance area, delicacy area, not only is sometimes the most IN VR technology, AR game experience, music and dancing warm show adrenaline, more Jimei four cultural tourism projects together help the new trend of performing arts in Jimei. Will the champion Wang Wang Bo cake contest ad hoc, site for the Grand Prix motor. The most colorful night — the distance from Jimei city public square of Cheng Yi Road, via Xinzhou bridge and the software park three, Jimei metro core area and Binhu Xinglin Bay panoramic view. Different themes of the neon gas circuit, so that every person who ran the fluorescent color seem more colorful eye-catching. The most awesome party — the ultimate concert will be invited with a "I believe" into Xianshengduoren music circle, later starred in hit Taiwan movie box office record "Cape Seven" Taiwan singer Fan Yichen arrived at the scene, to join the band REDOR, sexy  queen for a goddess "not without music", explosion scene. Cross border integration lit night in Jimei to build cultural tourism new name card Jiageng native hundred years, the village school. Humanistic Jimei, livable new town. Here is the birthplace of Jiageng spirit, is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, cultural city, is a tourist destination, is a paradise of innovation and entrepreneurship. As a century old school village and ten modern university is located, sports culture represents the vigor of youth has become a name card of Jimei, held a variety of brand activities including fluorescence, night running not only become more and more tourists look forward to the "city holiday", has become an important window and carrier of Jimei city marketing, to create "Jimei cultural brand. In recent years, the attention and investment of Jimei in the cultural, performing arts and media industry has become a cultural and industrial transformation and upgrading. Ling Ling International Circus, theatre, Cheng Yi Jiageng exploring technology center, Xiamen old courtyard scenic and other high-end projects Beaded line, City Cultural Arts Center, forming. Cross strait Dragon Boat Festival, Jimei · Arles International Photography quarterly, Xiamen (Jimei), the new Jimei strawberry music festival. 2016集美新城荧光夜跑10月15日开跑 助力“集美速度”   游园博饼赢汽车 与范逸臣一起“无乐不作”   集美新城荧光夜跑,是一项全民参与、接地气、娱乐性活动,也是厦门市除了国际马拉松之外规模最大的现象级群体性跑步活动。回顾去年第一届的活动盛况,来自全国各地近万名跑者,化作城市的发光体,用脚步丈量新城之美,用奔跑感受新城之变。“2016住宅·莲花杯集美新城荧光夜跑”除保留了原有的5公里夜跑和终极演唱会的组合外,在活动规模、赛道设置、互动区域、演唱会阵容等多个方面都进行了强势升级。   据介绍,活动分为游园会、5公里夜跑、终极演唱会三个部分,从下午2点开始便在集美新城市民广场拉开帷幕。   最花式的游园——除凭票领取最炫豪华装备外,主办方精心设置了DIY涂鸦搭讪区、游戏互动区、表演区、美食区等,不仅有时下最IN的VR技术、AR游戏体验,劲歌热舞暖场秀激发肾上腺素,更有集美四大文化旅游项目齐助力,玩转集美演艺新潮流。还将特设状元王中王博饼大赛,现场角逐汽车大奖。   最炫彩的夜跑——本次跑程将从集美新城市民广场出发,途经诚毅东路、新洲大桥和软件园三期,集美新城核心区和杏林湾滨湖夜景尽收眼底。不同主题的霓虹荧光气模赛道,令每一位跑者身上的荧光色彩显得更加炫彩夺目。   最劲爆的派对——终极演唱会将邀请凭借一首《I believe》先声夺人打入音乐圈,后出演创下台湾地区票房纪录电影《海角七号》的台湾歌手范逸臣到场,携手redor乐队、sexy queen女神帮等一起“无乐不作”,燃爆现场。   跨界融合点亮“夜集美” 打造人文旅游新名片   嘉庚故里,百年学村。人文集美,宜居新城。这里是嘉庚精神的发源地,是著名侨乡、文教名城,是旅游胜地,更是创新创业福地。作为百年学村和十余所现代高校的所在地,代表青春活力的运动文化已经成为集美的一张名片,举办包括荧光夜跑在内的各种品牌活动不仅越来越变成市民游客期待的“城市节日”,也成为集美进行城市营销、打造“人文集美”品牌的重要窗口和载体。   近年来,集美在文化演艺传媒业方面的重视与投入,可谓为文化产业转型升级添砖加瓦。灵玲国际马戏城、嘉庚剧院、诚毅科技探索中心、厦门老院子景区等高端项目串珠成线,城市文化演艺中心跃然成型。海峡两岸龙舟文化节、集美·阿尔勒国际摄影季、厦门(集美)草莓音乐节、集美新城荧光夜跑等高规格品牌活动接连不断,人文集美魅力日益彰显。“三个板块、五条线路”的旅游格局的形成,助力集美发展完善为多元化的旅游体系架构。在“一精神三文化”的引领下,集美区正通过不断推进传统产业结构优化升级、提升文化软实力,深化人文集美建设,加快推进“产城学人”融合发展,全面构建区域创新中心。   集美新城荧光夜跑借助全民性运动与明星演唱会这种全民娱乐化的手段,将体育、娱乐、旅游完美跨界融合,以集美旅游线路、集美微缩景观、集美演艺推介展位、闽南特色文化、集美特色美食等形式全方位、多角度集中展示集美丰富的城市特色、人文底蕴、历史文化、嘉庚建筑等城市名片,为促进集美城市营销,打造特色文化旅游产品产生积极的推动作用。   值得一提的是,今年的活动场地延续去年设在集美新城的核心区——市民广场,紧邻灵玲马戏城、嘉庚剧院、诚毅科技探索中心等厦门城市演艺“新地标”,夜跑路线较去年相比更加“高颜值”,将途经集美新城核心区“最靓夜景线”,被冷暖色调光影围绕着的杏林湾夜景尽收眼底。荧光人流为新城之夜注入了活力与色彩,而华灯下穿着璀璨晚装的集美新城亦让原本枯燥无味的跑步变成尽情享受夜景、夜光、夜色的夜游之旅。无论是连片成势的夜景工程,还是主打夜间市场的“城市演艺中心”,“夜集美”综合文化旅游项目将由此亮相。相关的主题文章:

Nanning citizens enjoy new experience and choose the full moon flight at mid autumn night ca1477

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People in Nanning enjoy a new experience on the night of the Mid Autumn Moon flight of contemporary life daily news (reporter Feng Yaohua correspondent Liu Weizhong Hai Ping) is an important custom of Mid Autumn Festival moon, an essential. In recent years, the sky full moon has become an increasingly popular holiday new way. Nanning public Liu told reporters, for a few days in the Mid Autumn Festival this year she went to Chongqing with my family, listening to a friend mentioned before the moon flight, Liu specially selected the night flight plan to travel, in meters altitude close intimate contact with the moon. The so-called "moon flight" is in the mid autumn festival night, take the landing time in 18:00-24:00 flight, because the airliner in the stratosphere cruise, the height of the particles in the air and clouds, high visibility, fog etc. generally unaffected by the weather, so even by the weather on the ground to the moon, the plane flew to heaven can see the moon, the moon and the effect is particularly good. South China Airlines Guangxi branch staff told reporters, take the "full moon flight" in addition to sitting by the window, but also determine the flight direction of the flight. Because the moon flight window seats are more sought after, passengers can advance selected seats on the Internet, mobile phone client, feel a special flavor of the moon". Related: "Nanning, scenic venues have prepared a feast at your mid autumn festival" Hi "traffic police released a small holiday tour around the Mid Autumn Festival travel tips received the" Raiders "cloudy to sunny Mid Autumn Moon Guangxi altogether this time"

南宁市民享新奇体验 中秋夜选乘“赏月航班”   当代生活报讯(记者 冯耀华 通讯员 刘巍 钟海平)赏月,是中秋节一项必不可少的重要习俗。近年来,空中赏月成为日渐流行的一种过节新方式。南宁市民刘女士告诉记者,今年的中秋节她将和家人去重庆待几天,之前听朋友提到过“赏月航班”,刘女士特地选择了晚上的航班出行,打算在万米高空“近距离”与月亮亲密接触。   所谓“赏月航班”就是在中秋节当晚,乘坐起降时间在18:00-24:00的航班,由于民航客机都在平流层巡航,这个高度的空气中颗粒物和云层少,能见度高,一般不受雨雾等天气影响,因此即使由于天气原因在地面上无法赏月,飞机飞到天上一样可以看到月亮,而且赏月的效果还特别好。   南航广西分公司的工作人员告诉记者,搭乘“赏月航班”除了靠窗坐以外,还要确定所乘航班的飞行方向。由于“赏月航班”靠窗的座位都比较抢手,乘客可以在网上、手机客户端上提前选好座位,感受一次别样风味的“赏月”。   相关报道:   《南宁景区、场馆纷纷备下节日“大餐” 中秋任你嗨》   《交警发布中秋出行提示 小长假周边游收好这份攻略》   《中秋多云到晴好赏月 八桂大地共此时》相关的主题文章:

The chairman of the board of directors has been cheated by a longtime friend for 49 million yuan (Fi

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HTC chairman is longtime friend fraud loss 49 million yuan (Figure) – Sohu news Chang couple (source: ETTV cloud website) reference news network February 17th Taiwan media reported that the net worth of more than NT $20 billion (about 3 billion 932 million yuan — the note) the Hondar electric chairman Wang Xuehong, accused in the United States often as a close friend for many years Wu fraud, 7 years is the amount of fraud high of more than $7 million 600 thousand (about 49 million 500 thousand yuan — the note), the case has entered the judicial process. According to the news site reported on February 16th, Wang Xuehong and her husband, via chairman Chen Wenqi is a very devout Christian, Chang Ruwu and Chen Wenqi are ntuee grade 1978 students, Wang Xuehong Chang Ruwu also hired him as a trust, via American general manager and financial officer (CFO). From 2004 to 2011, Wang Xuehong dedicated to the "home of Christ Fourth" total $about 7600000, were often husband and wife occupation. Reported that, according to a civil complaint and California Santa Clara County Superior Court public documents reported that in September 2004, Chang couple opened a Private Companies, called Christ tutor Association (HOCA), and is very similar to "Christ Fourth" name, then he wrote an email to Wang Xuehong’s secretary, said the church reforming, that bank account changes, this account should be transferred to the HOCA. A display, such as the provision of false account Wu in the next day, Wang Xuehong donated $2 million to the peer (matching fund, others offer donate the amount of this fund devotion, with total amount equal to donate dedication, achieve the total value of the fund to buy the new church so far), the money directly into the false account. After the couple often found HOCA not as a non-profit organization, in order to make account convenient, then set up a HOCA Inc. company. According to the complaint, Wang Xuehong in addition to the $2 million equivalent contribution, from 2002 to 2011 monthly donation of $20 thousand, at least since 2004 was often such as Wu from false account had embezzled, with the proceeds of fraud in the United States to buy 6 pens of real estate. In February 8, 2016, Chang’s wife was arrested in California housing, then on bail, February 11th and February 17th will appear again in court. Chang’s wife reported that if convicted of fraud and money laundering in each period of 20 years in prison, the other can be fined $250 thousand fraud, money laundering can be fined up to $500 thousand or 2 times the amount of money laundering fines. According to the Taiwan "Apple Daily" website in February 16 reported that the Wang Xuehong case has entered the judicial process, the defendant is the husband of Wang Xuehong Chen Wenqi was a close friend for many years, the church elders Chang Ruwu and his wife Li Weilin, two people suspected of fraud from the purchase of 6 real estate in the United states. According to the U.S. attorney’s office news release, the couple often involving fish, open and fourth name of Christ church charity "similar Christian Association", Wang Xuehong will donate his personal trick into account. According to Taiwan joint news network on February, 14 Daily reported that htc.

HTC董事长被多年挚友诈骗 损失4900万元(图)-搜狐新闻 常氏夫妇(图片来源:东森新闻云网站)   参考消息网2月17日报道 台媒称,身家超过200亿台币(约合39.32亿元人民币――本网注)的宏达电董事长王雪红,在美国控告多年挚友常如武诈欺,7年来被诈骗的金额高逾760万美元(约合4950万元人民币――本网注),全案已进入司法程序。   据东森新闻云网站2月16日报道,王雪红和夫婿、威盛董事长陈文琦是非常虔诚的基督徒,常如武和陈文琦是台大电机1978级同学,王雪红信任常如武,还聘请他当威盛电子美国总经理兼财务长(CFO)。   自2004年至2011年,王雪红奉献给“基督之家第四家”合计760多万美元,均遭常氏夫妻侵占。   报道称,根据民事诉状及加州圣塔克拉拉郡高等法院公开文件报道称,2004年9月,常氏夫妻开了一家私人公司,名为基督之家教协会(简称HOCA),与“基督之家第四家”的名字非常相似,接着他写电邮给王雪红的秘书,表示教会组织重整,以致银行帐号改变,应转入HOCA的这个帐号。   诉状显示,在常如武提供假帐号隔日,王雪红捐了200万美元的对等奉献(matching fund,别人捐出多少数额奉献,此基金对等捐出同数额奉献,合共达到此基金总额为止)给教会购买新址,这笔钱直接汇入假帐号里。之后常氏夫妻发现HOCA无法作为非营利组织,又为了做帐方便,再成立了一家HOCA。   诉状称,王雪红除了200万美元对等奉献外,2002年至2011年每月捐款2万美元,至少从2004年起就遭常如武从假帐号里私自挪用,还拿诈骗所得在美购买6笔房地产。2016年2月8日,常氏夫妻在美国加州住宅被捕,随后交保候传,2月11日出庭、2月17日将再度出庭。   报道称,常氏夫妻如果被判有罪,诈欺与洗钱各可判刑期达20年,诈欺罪另可罚25万美元,洗钱最高可处50万美元或洗钱金额2倍的罚金。   另据台湾《苹果日报》网站2月16日报道称,王雪红全案已进入司法程序,被告是王雪红的丈夫陈文琦多年挚友、原为教会长老的常如武及其妻李薇林,两人涉嫌将诈骗所得在美国购入6笔房地产。   根据美国联邦检察官办公室新闻稿,常氏夫妻涉鱼目混珠,开立与基督之家第四家教会名称相仿的慈善机构“基督之家协会”,诱骗王雪红将捐款汇入他私人户头。   另据台湾联合新闻网2月14日报道称,宏达电2月13日则表示不予回应。相关的主题文章:

Karen Mok, we have come to the parting Nanshe around a desire to enter the photography – Hebe

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Karen Mok, "we have come to the" parting Nanshe   around a desire to enter the photography – Hebei channel — original title: Karen Mok, "we have come to the" parting Nanshe photography pictures everywhere to enter (commissioning editor: Wang Hong, Chen Rujian) 莫文蔚《我们来了》离别难舍 四处留影欲进军摄影界–河北频道–人民网 原标题:莫文蔚《我们来了》离别难舍 四处留影欲进军摄影界 (责编:王红、陈汝健)相关的主题文章:

Guangxi weekend good weather, 7 nights there will be a strong cold air down south aspack

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Guangxi weekend good weather 7 evening there will be a strong cold air south contemporary life news (reporter correspondent Hu Lingling       Zhou Yu) said this is an invigorating autumn climate two days weather condition, last week until 4 days after the end of the two cold air influence, from the beginning 5, will gradually turn south airflow control, sky weather to change gradually thick clouds. Before the cold air temperature make Bagui earth continued to decline, promote our region around the autumn process, Guilin in October 28th officially autumn. Although the 3 day cold air has entered the intermittent period, but its remnants still affects my area, the 4 day, our region still continued to cool, the taste of autumn is strong. According to the meteorological data show that since October 29th, Nanning has more than 5 consecutive days, the average temperature is below 22 DEG C, which reached the standard of meteorology, autumn, so in October 29th, Nanning has already entered autumn. Although compared with the 3 day, yesterday’s gas temperature slightly rebounded, but in general, it is still relatively cool, as of 13 yesterday, most of the region’s temperature is below 28 degrees celsius. However, with the end of the cold air impact, the temperature will continue to rise this weekend. According to the Guangxi meteorological observatory forecast, today is Saturday, Guangxi high altitude due to the influence of the West airflow control, the weather will be cloudy as the main tune, sunny afternoon, you may take advantage of the good weather to wash, sun, or go outdoors. On the 6-7 day, the lower area and the ground to the high pressure, the south side of the South airflow, the God will face, the whole area will be cloudy to cloudy weather, some areas scattered light rain. Then, the temperature will be slightly increased with increased humidity, large areas of the mist or haze, visibility, air quality will be affected by the weather, experts suggest that the frail elderly and children reduce outdoor activities. Before long, we will be the first solar term — ushered in the winter to winter, this also indicates that the cold air forces began to frequent activities, gradually strengthen, but lower the temperature around. According to the Guangxi meteorological observatory forecast, 7 nights, there will be a strong cold air southward harassment, when not only the temperature drops, the daily decline will reach 7 degrees -9 C, Guangxi and Guangxi most areas will experience light rain baptism, a little "worse" feeling. Nanning City, the 3 day weather forecast November 5th   cloudy   17 DEG -28 DEG   southerly wind 1-2 November 6th     cloudy; 19 DEG -27 DEG   southerly wind 1-2   November 7th; cloudy light rain   21 DEG -27 DEG   southerly wind 1-2 Guangxi city in November 5th 13 the weather sunny Guilin     Liuzhou 15 DEG -27 DEG   cloudy 17 DEG -28 DEG   Wuzhou   cloudy   16 -27 OC Yulin   & sunny); 广西周末好天气 7日晚上将有一股强冷空气南下   当代生活报讯(记者 胡玲玲 通讯员 周玉)秋高气爽说的就是这两天的天气状态了,上周直到4日接连而来的两股冷空气影响结束了,从5日开始,将逐渐转为偏南气流控制,天高云淡的天气也向云层渐厚发展变化。   之前冷空气的影响让八桂大地气温持续走低,推进我区各地的入秋进程,桂林率先于10月28日正式入秋。虽然3日起冷空气影响已进入间歇期,但其余威仍然影响着我区,4日,我区大部依然持续清凉,秋天的味道愈发浓烈。据气象资料显示,10月29日至今,南宁已经连续5天以上日平均气温低于22℃,这就达到气象学上的入秋标准,所以,南宁在10月29日已经入秋了。   虽然同3日相比,昨天我区的气温略有回升,但总体来说,还是比较凉爽的,截止到昨天13时,全区大部的温度均在28℃以下。不过,随着冷空气影响的结束,这个周末的气温还会逐步回升。据广西气象台预测,今天是周六,广西的高空因受偏西气流影响控制,天气将以多云为主调,阳光和煦的午后,大家不妨趁着好天气赶紧洗洗晒晒,或者是到户外走走。到了6-7日,我区低层和地面转为高压后部偏南气流影响,老天就要变脸了,全区将会以多云转阴天气为主,部分地区有分散小雨。届时,气温会稍有回升,加上湿度加大,大部地区将出现轻雾或霾,能见度降低,空气质量也会受影响,气象专家建议年老体弱者和幼儿减少户外活动。   过不了多久,我们就要迎来属于冬天的第一个节气――立冬了,这也预示着冷空气的活动开始频繁,势力逐渐加强,各地气温也不免走低。据广西气象台预测,7日晚上,将有一股强冷空气南下骚扰,到时候不仅气温下降,日降幅将达7℃-9℃,桂北和桂西的大部地区还会经历小雨洗礼,有点“雪上加霜”的感觉哦。   南宁市今起3天天气预报   11月5日 晴转多云 17℃-28℃ 偏南风1-2级   11月6日 多云 19℃-27℃ 偏南风1-2级   11月7日 多云转小雨 21℃-27℃ 偏南风1-2级   广西13城市11月5日天气预报   桂林 晴 15℃-27℃   柳州 多云 17℃-28℃   梧州 晴转多云 16℃-27℃   玉林 晴 17℃-28℃   钦州 多云 17℃-27℃   河池 晴 17℃-27℃   贺州 晴 16℃-28℃   百色 晴转多云 17℃-29℃   崇左 晴转多云 17℃-29℃   来宾 多云 15℃-27℃   北海 多云 20℃-28℃   贵港 多云 17℃-28℃   防城港 多云 20℃-28℃   (信息来源 中国天气网广西站)相关的主题文章: